Invitation to Detox Class


Are you experiencing bouts of diarrhea alternating with constipation, sometimes diagnosed as Irritable Bowel Syndrome? Do you get stress headaches or headaches for no reason at all? Do your joints ache some days and not others?

Are you more tired than you think you should be? Are your sinuses very stuffy every morning and/or do you experience a constant post-nasal drip? Do you have adult-onset allergies? Are you plagued with skin rashes and irritations that come and go? Do you take pain relievers and over-the-counter medications? Have you been diagnosed with a condition you are told is incurable and that you will just have to learn to live with it?

All of these and more are, to a greater or lesser degree, related to toxic accumulation in the body. Even if the toxic accumulation is not the cause of the problem, it is at least an exacerbating factor. You could continue to mask the symptoms with medication, which, of course, would insure a continued rise in the toxic accumulation, or you could choose to detoxify your body and have a much better chance of living healthier. Often people do not even realize how unhealthy they have become over the years until they regain a more youthful health.

I invite you to
a Free Detox Class
on dates & locations of your choice:

January 23 at 10 AM
Holistic Preventive Clinic
1535 Cypress Point Ave.
Fircrest, WA 98466


January 30 at 12:30PM
Elev8 Hot Yoga Studio
2000 S 314th St.
Federal Way, WA 98003

Whether you have some health issues or
you are at your optimal health,
this class is for you!

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When was the last time you felt strong, slim, energized, balanced, and truly at home in your body? Was it a month? 3 years ago? Never? Far too many people go through life feeling fat, worn out, overwhelmed, and ashamed about the way they look and feel. If you’re tired of fad diets that leave you hungry and miserable, medications that don’t work, and detoxes that leave you feeling worse than when you started, or you want to maintain your health, then this Detox is the program you’ve been searching for.

Detoxification Program is designed to achieve the highest level of purification from the inside out at safe rate, and to help develop overall lifestyle and diet changes for a successful transition for a long term wellness. It consists of clean whole food: vegetables, fruits, seeds, legumes, whole grains, meats, fish and whole food supplements in order to nourish your body.

So many people happily have gone through
this program and now it’s your turn.

The ranges of results detoxers have received
are impressive:

  • Feeling 10 years younger

  • Blood sugar drops of 20 points

  • Bad cholesterol falls for 50-60 points

  • Waist reduction of 2-4 inches

  • Weight loss of 10-20 pounds and keeping it off for good

  • Sleeping like a baby, waking up refreshed, and having more energy

  • Stress, pain and stiffness decreased

  • Digestion, skin, hair, immune system and mental clarity improved

  • Developing a sudden passion for healthy food and recruiting all of your friends and family to do a detox with you.

This will be our 8th run of the Detox.
Do Detox Twice/Year (Non Negotiable)
Is That Important!!!

I hope that you can participate
in capturing similar results by
joining us on:

January 23 at 10 AM
Holistic Preventive Clinic
1535 Cypress Point Ave.
Fircrest, WA 98466


January 30 at 12:30PM
Elev8 Hot Yoga Studio
2000 S 314th St.
Federal Way, WA 98003

So, circle one of these dates on your calendar,
and get ready to join us!

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In the Detox Class You Will Learn:

Why Diets Fail

How Toxins Inhibit Your Health

Myths and Facts about Detoxification

How Toxins Make Us Fat

How Detox Helps Your Health

What Are Natural Resources for Detoxification

How to Do Detoxification the Right Way

What You Need To Do To Stay Clean

If you can’t join us or you live far away,
I have the solution for you.


You can get Detoxification Program on my website.

It is an Educational and Self-Healing Program

that will lead you step by step to detox your body the right way.

Also, you‘ll get 165 Recipes Cookbook

for Detox with the program.

Even more, if you buy Purification Kit,

Detoxification Program and Cookbook are Free for you.

And if you need My Help with detox I’d be happy to assist you.

About Me

My name is Zhanna Frumkin. I am a holistic health coach consultant, nutritionist and therapist and was trained in both Belarus and USA. My extensive health care background, combined with rich life experiences gives me the opportunity to share with you my knowledge and techniques creating lasting change in your health.

Do you ever get the feeling you’re doing everything “right”

for your health and still getting nowhere?

Yeah, I know exactly how you feel.

I’ve felt that way many times during my life

before I began my health journey.

And it is sooooo frustrating!!!

If your health is less than acceptable, this class is for you! Ask this question; if your health situation continues like now what’s going to happen a year or two years from now? Three years from now? What’s the biggest frustration you have? What are the biggest fears? What are you really scared of?

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Please, reserve your seat in advance because the space is very limited and also forward this email to a friend. I am looking forward seeing you soon.

If you wish to be healthy,

there are certain things you can do

that reliably and consistently produce a healthy outcome.

And if you wish to be diseased,

there are other things you can do

to reliably and consistently produce disease.

It is your choice!!!

Best Wishes
Health Coach Zhanna