Health and Wellness Seminars


“When you have your health, you have everything. When you do not have your health, nothing else matters at all.”
Augusten Burroughs

In Holistic Preventive Clinic patient’s education is very important part of the treatment plan. We believe that educated patients take their treatment more seriously, and it can aid in the recovery process. We present complete, educational and self-healing seminars to find a balanced way of living that brings a high level of satisfaction and wellbeing.

We teach wellness seminars for companies and communities and invite you to schedule your group sessions or participate in any seminars. We will post the seminars schedule on my website.

Seminar #1 - Why We Can’t Lose Weight


  • The most common mistakes trying to lose weight
  • The four body types
  • Key foods and exercise programs for your body type
  • Why dieting and exercise doesn’t work to lose weight
  • Myth about everything in moderation
  • Why counting calories doesn’t work to lose weight
  • Why eating fat doesn’t make you fat
  • Why to exercise longer doesn’t help to lose weight

Seminar # 2 - Why We Get Sick


  • Why immune system is so important
  • How nutrition affects the body
  • How digestive system influences the body
  • How chronic inflammation targets the body
  • How too many toxins make your body weak
  • How stress affects the body function
  • What we need to know about antioxidants
  • What you need to know about body PH
  • Why insulin and leptin resistance is so dangerous
  • How obesity affects the body

Seminar # 3 - How to Reverse or Slow Down Aging


  • Is it possible to reverse aging process or slow down
  • What keeps us young and energetic
  • Centenarian study
  • Four anti-aging mistakes people make to reverse aging
  • Four measures of optimal health
  • Why we get sick
  • 8 steps to support anti-aging and optimal health
  • How to read your body like a book

Seminar # 4 - Confusion about Nutrition


  • What is the main confusion about nutrition
  • Why whole body health depends on nutrition you take
  • Your uniqueness and food
  • What are food habits principals
  • Why digestion and absorption of nutrients is important
  • What vital steps are to improve your digestion
  • Why whole food diet optimizes your health
  • Specific whole food diets for the most chronic conditions
  • What are micronutrients

Seminar # 5 - Detoxify Your Body and Live Healthier Life


  • How toxins inhibit your health
  • Where toxins come from
  • Who needs to detoxify
  • What are natural resources for detoxification
  • How purification program works
  • What you need to do to stay clean

Seminar # 6 - Why Ordinary Nutrition Is Not Enough


  • Why we should supplement our diets with whole food supplements
  • How the whole body health depends on nutrition
  • What are synthetic & fractionated supplements
  • What are whole food concentrated supplements
  • How you know what you're getting
  • Home remedy to create overall health
  • 5 Signs Your Body May Be Nutrient Deficient
  • Whole food supplements and herbs for your health condition

Seminar # 7 - What is Medical Massage Therapy


  • How pain originates in the body
  • Why medical massage helps the body to heal itself
  • How specific modalities help different health problems
  • What is neuromuscular therapy
  • What is internal organ massage
  • What is massage for stress reduction

Seminar # 8 - Creating Health - Real Health Insurance


  • 2 Health care situations
  • Why people suffer
  • Four mistakes people make taking care for themselves
  • How to create a new health model
  • 8 steps to support your optimal health naturally
  • How to optimize your health realistically

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“We must always change, renew, rejuvenate ourselves; otherwise we harden.”
Johann von Goethe