Whole Food Supplements and Herbs

to Prevent and Improve

Fibromyalgia Problems


“Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.”

  • For my clients I recommend using both whole food supplements from Standard Process and herbs from MediHerb. The combination of supplements and herbs is more effective for your health.

  • Start taking the supplements very slowly taking half of dose at the beginning. The sicker you are the slower start taking supplements. Consider using the complete protocol for 6-18 months, depending on the severity of your condition.

  • Your goal is to correct the cause of the problem so the body can heal itself. Whole food supplements and herbs for fibromyalgia problems contribute to correcting the cause when employed in conjunction with other measures. Taking whole food supplements and herbs is the only one step towards your recovery. Get Healing Osteoporosis and Fibromyalgia Naturally Holistic Program to learn about all 9 steps to restore your osteoporosis and fibromyalgia naturally.

  • These supplements and herbs are organically grown, processed raw without heat or chemicals, and are rich in the live nutrients. Read The Important Difference between Synthetic and Whole Food Supplements to learn about the important difference between synthetic and whole food supplements.


(2 before sleep)


Min-Chex is a combination of minerals and synergistic factors designed to support the nervous system. It is physiological tranquilizer and contains calcium, magnesium, kelp, orchic extract and Niacinamide –B6. It is very good for people who get depressed, and for nervous, emotional people and hyperkinetic children. Read more.

Cataplex G

(3/day before sleep)


Catalyn G (vitamin B complex) is vasodilator by relaxing the nerves in the vessels. It opens up the blood vessels by relaxing the nerves in the vessels. Cataplex G maintains nerve health and provides a calmative effect on the nervous system. Read more.




Supports adrenal function, maintains energy production, a balanced mood and helps maintain emotional balance to reduce the effects of everyday stress. Read more.

Cataplex B



Cataplex B (vitamin B complex) contains the full, biologically active, phytonutrient B vitamins. Cataplex B is for people with heart problems, fibromyalgia, edema, fatigue, mental and emotional problems like depression, anxiety and schizophrenia, neuropathy, neuritis, neuralgia, high blood fats, clogged arteries, postpartum depression, concentration and memory problems, and those with constant fear of impending doom. Read more.

Magnesium Lactate



Magnesium Lactate contains magnesium to support cellular energy production, relax muscles, for proper use of calcium, calm the nervous system and menstrual cramps, make progesterone and support more than 300 processes. Read more.

Tuna Omega-3



It delivers essential omega-3 fatty acids. This product provides a naturally-occurring 5:1 ratio of DHA to EPA. It supports the body's natural inflammatory response function, immune system function, cognition, supports skin, hair health and emotional balance. during lactation for the mother and baby. Read more.

Spanish Black Radish



Provides support and detoxification for liver and gallbladder function and encourages healthy digestion. It helps to drain toxins and congestion in order to heal the body. Read more.

Also, I recommend mix 2-4

of the following herbs together:

Licorice High Grade, Rehmannia,

Korean Ginseng and Ashwaganda

Follow the Tonic and Adaptoqen combining rule: Always combine a tonic which tonifies the gland with an adaptogen which helps the gland adapt to all forms of stress.

Blended liquid 220ml:


  • Make mixture with all ingredients

  • Stir well 1 tablespoon of herb mixture with 4oz. of water

  • Take 1-3 times per day at 8am, noon or 4pm

  • Save the rest of this liquid herb mixture to make future drinks

Licorice High Grade 1:1


Licorice High Grade 1:1 is a tonic herb and promotes healthy adrenal gland function. Key indications for use include adrenal fatigue syndrome, chronic fatigue, and chronic stress. Read more.

Rehmannia 1:2


Rehmannia is a tonic herb and supports adrenal gland, liver health and facilitates the body's normal response to occasional stress. Read more.

Ashwaganda 1:1


Ashwaganda 1:1 contains naturally occurring steroidal compounds that together produce a tonic and adaptogenic effect for the entire body. It is an overall adrenal and thyroid support. It encourages healthy response to environmental stresses and promotes an overall feeling of well-being. Read more.

Korean Ginseng 1:2


Korean Ginseng 1:2 is an adaptogenic herb that is overall adrenal support, promotes vitality and stamina in people of any age and works as a tonic to benefit the entire body. Read more.


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