Whole Food Supplements

to Normalize pH


“One of the biggest mistakes that medical science has ever made: to provide drugs to people who are starving. A starving man doesn’t need drugs. He needs food. And if he gets food he recovers.”
Dr. Royal Lee

For my clients I recommend using both whole food supplements from Standard Process and herbs from MediHerb. The combination of supplements and herbs is more effective for your health.

Start taking the supplements very slowly taking half of dose at the beginning. The sicker you are the slower start taking supplements. Consider using the complete protocol for 6-18 months, depending on the severity of your condition.

Your goal is to correct the cause of the problem so the body can heal itself. Whole food supplements and herbs to normalize pH contribute to correcting the cause when employed in conjunction with other measures. Taking whole food supplements and herbs is the only one step towards your recovery.

These supplements and herbs are organically grown, processed raw without heat or chemicals, and are rich in the live nutrients. Read The Important Difference between Synthetic and Whole Food Supplements to learn about the important difference between synthetic and whole food supplements.

Organically Bound Minerals



Organically Bound Minerals contains a natural blend of minerals from alfalfa and kelp. It is high in potassium. You need ample amounts of potassium to absorb iodine. It provides ingredients with antioxidant and neutralizing pH activities. Read more.

SP Green Food



Ingredients are derived from five different green-vegetable sources: It provides a Simple, Natural Way for People of All Ages to Add Vegetables to their Diet. SP Green Food is designed to improve our nutritional intake in the event we fail to eat proper amounts of fruits and vegetables each day. Read more.

Trace Minerals B-12



Trace Minerals B-12 is complex of trace minerals. The myriad enzyme systems throughout the body are dependent upon the presence of trace minerals. This product contains zinc, copper, iodine, and vitamin B12 (organically combined cobalt) - all trace minerals.
Read more.

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