Anti-Aging and Optimal Health

E-Holistic Program


"Our health is something we often take for granted. But, there are some things in life that should never be taken for granted. Take care of yourself."
Catherine Pulsifer

Do any of these situations sound familiar:

  • It's harder to get out of bed in the morning than it used to be. Your feet hurt, your joints are stiff, your neck and low back are out and your body doesn’t want to move. Two cups of coffee would get you going before, but now you need four. By mid-afternoon you're exhausted again.

  • Your bones become weaker and you are losing strength and power every day.

  • Your digestive system is not working as it should be: too slow or too fast, bloating, cramps, heart burn, intolerance to certain foods.

  • Your weight has been slowly creeping up for years now and you're frustrated. Nothing you've done seems to help.

  • Your hormones are imbalanced and you feel that is something going on with your health, but you can’t define exactly what.

  • You don't sleep well at night, and you certainly don't sleep as long as you need to. You have trouble falling asleep or staying sleep with no reason.

  • You get stressed out more often. Headaches are more frequent. And you just started grinding your teeth at night.

  • Blood pressure and high cholesterol are now an issue because the heart and blood vessels become stiffer.

  • Your skin becomes thinner, less elastic, drier and wrinkled no matter how much moisturizing lotion and make up you use.

  • Your some mental functions, such as vocabulary, short-term memory, the ability to learn new material, and the ability to recall words, are reduced.

  • Your controlling urination is more difficult and in men, the prostate gland is enlarged.

  • You have Chronic Conditions, you seem, can’t get rid of.

Why do you suffer? Don't you know that you don't have to? I have discovered that there are three primary reasons why people suffer:

  • They don't know any better.

  • They are doing everything they know but it's not helping.

  • It's not a priority to change it.

This program will change that!

What if there could be more to life than this?

What if you awake eager and refreshed

for the day ahead? What if you could find a way

to balance the push of your work life and

the pull of your personal life?

We Present

Anti-Aging and Optimal Health

E-Holistic Program



Sale Ends Shortly - $47

Modern society has come to accept a pretty miserable state of health as being normal. Complaints like fatigue, pain, insomnia, anxiety, irritability, and indigestion are considered a typical part of each day. More serious issues such as asthma, arthritis, attention deficit disorder, and depression are common as well. Even major life threatening diseases such as heart disease and cancer have become prevalent.

What’s exciting to me is that science is uncovering the natural ways we can increase our healthy life span - and many of those nonmedical, nonsurgical approaches are in line with what I’ve been telling people all along. Time and wisdom tested this natural approach to health. I believe it is the simplicity that makes it work. These principals have used since earliest times by different cultures.

I think it is a right time to discuss these issues!!!

What You Will Get

Inside of 220 pages Educational and

Self-Healing Anti-Aging Program:

1. Educational Information about

Aging Process


“Life is not merely to be alive, but to be well”
Marcus Valerius Martial

2. 9 Steps That Naturally

Maintain Your Body


“If we are creating ourselves all the time, then it is never too late to begin creating the bodies we want instead of the ones we mistakenly assume we are stuck with.”
Deepak Chopra

Anti-Aging and Optimal Health

E-Holistic Program



Sale Ends Shortly - $47

Here’s a quick look at what you’ll get inside 9 steps of this holistic program that will help to improve anti-aging and optimal health.

Step 1. Improvement Digestion


Nothing contributes more to your overall health than digestive wellness. No matter how well you eat, if your digestive system isn’t breaking down and absorbing the nutrients, your body can’t get what it needs to keep you slim and healthy. You aren't what you eat; only what you absorb. What you take in beyond your capacity to digest will cause you harm, illness and inflammation.

There is a direct correlation between your health problem and digestion. In order to fix your health condition you need to repair your digestion first. So, heal your digestion with whole foods and whole food supplements/herbs. In order to heal your digestive problem, you need:

  • Slash inflammation by removing foods that increase irritation in your gut
  • At the same time add in tasty, powerful foods as your antibacterial and anti-yeast medicine.
  • Heal your digestion with whole food supplements and herbs

Skipping any of these stages will greatly reduce your chances of creating a stable foundation for properly healing digestion.

Using healing whole foods and whole food supplements in your recovery and avoiding offending foods is very powerful therapeutic tool to restore digestion.

Step 2. Detoxification


Liver is the foundation of the body’s ability to detoxify. When it comes to maintaining good health, losing weight and fighting off disease, no organ is more important than the liver - the body's toxic disposal plant. Most people change the oil and filter in their car every 5,000 miles. But they don't think twice about neglecting their body filter and detoxifier (liver) for an entire lifetime. A toxic liver will cause just about every kind of health problem imaginable. The effects of this can be so slow and cumulative; you can mistake them for poor health. So, detoxify your body, stop giving your liver poison and start giving what it needs to cleanse itself!

In this step you we’ll learn how to detoxify
the body the right way and live a healthier life.

Step 3. Whole Food Diet


Your body functions, maintains, and heals itself only from the adequate nutrients you provide. It cannot perform and rebuild itself if the nutrients are not there. If you don't nourish your body properly, your health and proper weight will fail. That is why Whole Food Diet consists of well-balanced plant and animal whole foods and they create the most health, wellbeing and vitality.

You can be pleasantly surprise to learn what a delicious experience is eating whole food diet. Food should be hearty, satisfying, grounding and nourishing. This concept of harnessing the power of food provides balance, vitality and strength for people who enjoy real whole food. Finally, you can eat in a way that resonates with your body and no longer feel deprived or guilty.

In this step we’ll reveal the truth about eating
healthy foods that work for you not against you.

“Anti-Aging and Optimal Health
E-Holistic Program”

tells you exactly how to choose foods and plan your day, so you don’t have to.

This program doesn’t force you to give up your favorite foods. No need to give up carbs. No need to give up fat. Just eat. Heal. Follow our plan. And get comfortable being healthy because you’re going to be that way
for a long time.

Our mouth-watering recipes and meal plans will help
to prevent/improve health problems and age gracefully while enjoying whole food meals that taste great.

Step 4. Whole Food

Supplements and Herbs


Every day your body makes about 24 billion new cells. Your body uses raw whole foods to repair and build biological functions that are vital to health. If those foods are missing, how is the body can make strong, healthy, functional cells? Between the poor nutritional quality of our diets and the burdens added by modern stressors, you can understand why you should take whole food supplements to improve your health. This small step will translate into a huge leap for your body, which is good at healing illness if it is given adequate support. These supplements are organically grown, processed raw without heat or chemicals, and are rich in the live nutrients that keep us healthy.

Whole Food Supplements and Herbs to Slow Down Aging and Maintain Optimal Health Naturally

Step 5. Burn Fat and Lose Weight


Many people try desperately to recover those slim bodies from their teens. They fight fiercely to lose pounds, lead a secret war against the scale, and still do not succeed because they choose the wrong way. I am going to discuss the most important thing. You’ve heard that obesity is a health risk and you should lose weight to be healthier.

This is not true! It is just the opposite.

Weight is the symptom of failing body - not a cause. You need to be healthy first before you can lose weight. One of main reasons you can’t lose weight is imbalanced hormonal system. Hormones are triggered or blocked by foods, exercise, stress and sleep. There are two things can happen with these triggers. You can eat and exercise to heal your body or you can eat and exercise to make it weaker. The hidden problem is confusing to some people by using the wrong triggers and thus makes things worse.

In this step you we’ll learn how to lose weight
and burn fat permanently by your body type and
become healthier in the process.

Step 6. Exercises


I believe that it is better to consider exercise as a drug and use it in very precise dose to receive the optimal benefit. It's more logic, inexpensive and reduces risk of chronic disease. It is quite easy to over or under dose with exercises. Over-exercising adds stress. This is seen in the person who experiences no weight loss even after many months of hard-core training and becoming weaker and sicker. Under-exercising, in contrast, will produce little benefit because there is not enough stimuli to create the body rebounding effect. The important thing to know about exercise is that there is an optimal exercise, based on the individual’s fitness and health. The “more is better” approach to exercise is ineffective and even dangerous.

In this step you we’ll learn how to determine what type of exercises you need to prevent and improve your condition and maintain optimal health and weight.

Step 7. Medical Massage


Medical Massage Therapy is a system of manually applied techniques designed to reduce pain, establish normal tissue tension and normalize the balance of the musculoskeletal system and internal organs. The human body maintains health in an amazing way. Each individual cell performs an activity that contributes to the body's function. Nerve impulses transmit information to maintain a balanced internal environment - called homeostasis. Every day life situations threaten to disrupt that balance. Physical traumas, strains and emotional stress undermine homeostasis. This imbalance leads to aches and pains which left untreated may result in physiological dysfunction.

In this step you will learn about benefits and applications medical massage offers for improving
your condition, health, and longevity.

Step 8. Stress Reduction


The first secret to stress management most of us have never been taught is that to feel less stressed we have to intentionally listen to and give careful thought to the stress messages from our body and brain. Once you start thinking about what’s important to you, your alarm will slow the bodily feelings of stress because it knows you’re paying attention and thinking clearly. The alarm's signals are valuable. When we know that stress is in our body because we have an important decision to make or trouble we need to look out for, we can use stress as vital feedback. Our brains want us to create the life we want and do more than just survive. The alarm will keep us stressed until we focus on what's most important to us.

In this step you we’ll learn different stress reduction techniques in order to prevent and improve your condition and maintain optimal health and weight.

Step 9. Enhancement Immune System


The key to remember is that just being exposed to poisons does not have to mean that you'll get sick. If your immune system is operating at its peak, it should actually be quite easy for you to fend off the poisons without ever getting sick. Your immune system leads the battle against diseases and this defense system is the most complicated system in your body. If your immune system is impaired, it's like to having an open-door policy for allergens and poisons - they'll easily take hold in your body and make you sick.

Big question is:

Who gets sick and who stays well?

In this step you we’ll learn what you can do to prevent getting sick and how to overcome your disease.

Strategies That Work


“To keep the body in good health is a duty... otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.”

When you are in your 30th, 40th, 50th, 60th
it’s no secret that the body gets older. But for most of us, the real mystery is in translating the difference between normal graceful aging and signs
of deeper health issues.

Anti-Aging and Optimal Health

E-Holistic Program

Delivers What Are You Looking



Sale Ends Shortly - $47

  • Reduce the risk of premature death and slow down your aging process

  • Reduce the risk of heart disease

  • Reduce the risks of many cancers, including colon and breast cancer

  • Reduce the risk of developing diabetes

  • Improve your brainpower

  • Lower your blood pressure

  • Fight off a cold

  • Manage arthritis

  • Build and maintain healthy muscles, bones, and joints

  • Reduce depression, stress and anxiety

  • Enhance performance in work and sport

  • Reduce body fat and help you reach and stay at a healthy weight

  • Boost self-image and self-esteem and improve sleep

  • Make you feel more relaxed and rested

  • Make you look fit and feel healthy

  • Increase your energy levels and fight depression

Dear Future Customer!

Looking back, I wish I could say that commitment to healthy life style was the result of native intelligence. But that wouldn’t be true. It was born purely out of need. For years, healthy eating and life style had taken a backseat to other, seemingly more important issues. Until the time, when people I love got sick and my health started to decline, I thought, there would be plenty of time to improve our diet and health in the future. But after that point my determination became the foundation of a resolve to eat a better diet and live a healthier life. Finally, I had reached a point in time when I was ready to listen and learn. This is how I became a health coach and nutritionist to addition to my medical massage therapy practice. I am glad that I did it.

I’ve spent countless hours for education and restoring my health and people I love. I don’t want you to have to do the same. That’s why I’ve gathered all of my research, education and professional experience since 1986 into an easy-to-follow program that can transform your life in much less time and expense. With a few simple changes, you can overcome the frustrating health symptoms that are weighing you down.

Whatever You Do,

DON'T Take Your Health Lightly!

Little actions you can do every day will make a huge difference. You can invest in your health now or pay later. The pay later option is much more costly. I prefer to pay now, because I don't want to SUFFER and you don't have to suffer either. Neither do your friends, or your family. You are at choice.

Do You Know That Your Dream

to Restore Your Health

Can Become Your Reality?


"Our health is something we often take for granted. But, there are some things in life that should never be taken for granted. Take care of yourself."
Catherine Pulsifer

I gave you the detailed information and now you know exactly what to do to heal your body. I hope you will take this journey with me and with the many others who never knew their health and their lives could ever be this good again. People who thought they had no choice but to live with chronic issues and persistent symptoms, they've healed from the inside out and so will you.

Are You Ready for Optimal Health?

When was the last time you felt great? If it's been awhile, then it's time to restore your health and help you feel vibrant again and have the freedom to live life on your own terms! Take control of your body!

This Program Will Allow You:

  • Prevent and Improve Chronic Conditions

  • Unlimited energy for work and play

  • Time for fitness, healthy eating and relaxation

  • Balance in everything you do

  • Moving beyond addiction to a life you love

  • Recovering from disordered eating

  • Finding your own fountain of youth and longevity

  • Feeling good every day

  • A life of peace, joy and accomplishment

  • Achieving your ideal weight, without dieting

  • Accepting yourself unconditionally

So, Go Ahead

Trust Youtself and Purchase Today

Anti-Aging and Optimal Health

E-Holistic Program



Sale Ends Shortly - $47

What do you have to lose besides weight, fatigue, disease and pain? Leave it all behind. You'll feel better and your quality of life will increase sharply as a result of your new-found energy.

Many people are suffering unnecessarily. My mission is to help as many people as possible first to heal, and then to achieve and sustain vibrant health. When your health is thriving, you become a better version of yourself, and then you are able to contribute more to your loved ones and to the world around you. That is why I do what I do.

In Health,
Health Coach Zhanna