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“Your Health is Your Wealth; Guard It with Knowledge, Understanding, and Wisdom”
Leon Eldred

Welcome to our site. If you want to get rid of your chronic condition, lose weight and burn fat, increase energy level, reduce pain and stress, or just generally look and feel healthier, you’ve come to the right place.

The importance of physical health is undeniable. No matter how much money we have, how successful we are, or how fulfilling our careers or relationships are, none of it means anything without our health. Ask yourself: how much good can you do in the world around you if you are not well? Obviously, your world will benefit from a healthy you as much as you would yourself.

Creating health and wellbeing in your body will bring you more satisfaction than any other aspects of your life. The first secret about perfect health is that you have to choose it.

We all have strong emotional resistance to sickness. People who consider themselves “too busy to get sick” are known to have above-average health, while those who worry excessively about disease get sick more often. You can only be as healthy as you think it is possible to be. The mind exerts the deepest influence on the body and the balance mind and body creates a higher state of health.

You have to realize that being sick is not normal and not the natural state of the body. Every day we come into contact with millions of viruses and only the tiniest fraction of these encounters ever leads to disease. It means that we much closer to perfect health than we realize. Animals never get sick, except of course when they are in captivity. When animals are under human care and get vaccine, drugs, and processed food, animals get sick with the same diseases.

It is a choice to live a balanced life and accept responsibility for the quality of your life.
It is called Wellness.

You don't blame outside sources, whine or make excuses when you experience less than perfect health. You act with accountability and actively search for answers that will improve your current situation. The opposite of a wellness mindset is a dependency on doctors, drugs, and other alternatives that can seduce you into believing that health is a passive event. When we unwell we assume that a lack of vitality is a normal part of life. We sink to levels of self-pity and look to others for reassurance that they too feel as poorly as we do.

What if there could be more to life than this? What if you awake refreshed and eager for the day ahead? And what if you could find a way to balance the push of your work life and the pull of your personal life?

Finding a balanced way of living takes effort. You have to be disappointed sometimes because it is not a straight path. You have to work toward it and consciously make tradeoffs. It takes focus. Living day to day provides little personal growth and requires small effort.

The choices you make, including your life style, attitudes, beliefs, and the way how you respond to the situations of your life and the actions of others, can have a far greater impact on your health and your life than your genes, the doctors who serve you, your financial circumstances, your age or your luck.

According to John Rowe, MD, "Only about 30% of the characteristics of aging are genetically determined. The other 70% are linked to lifestyle. People who lead active lives and eat healthy diets, age better than, those who are sedentary and unconcerned about diet."

You need to know that our body is created in balanced and stable way and we need to know the rules how our body governs.

We believe that, in many people, illness is allowed to develop because awareness has been lost. It often begins with a small problem. Chronic eyestrain may develop into a real loss of vision, contraction of the upper back and neck muscles may lead to migraines; stiffness in unused joints can become an arthritic condition; shallow breathing can even create circulation problems. All of these problems are preventable. All of them are preceded by very clear warning signals which we need to listen and understand.

Our body is one whole unit in which there is direct connection between every system in our body. No system of the body works in isolation, and the well-being of the person depends upon the well-being of all the interacting body systems. The balance between these systems is the most effective way for the body to heal itself. We have perfect pharmacy inside of our body with right chemicals at the right dose and right time. When there is imbalance in the body, the pharmacy is not able to do its job. Then our body starts giving us warnings. There are vital clues and if you are not aware of them, your health is in danger.

We all tend to see our bodies as “frozen sculptures: - solid, fixed - when in truth they are constantly changing: for instance, your fat cells exchange every three weeks, stomach linings every five days, your skin is new in five weeks, your skeleton is entirely new every three month, red blood cell -2-3 months. If life can be so flexible and dynamic, why we don’t last longer? It is a good question.

Everything we eat, say, think, do, see, feel, dream, and imagine affects our overall state of health. It would seem impossible to control all these different influences at once, but by following specific knowledge and awareness about our body, we can correct the vast majority of imbalances now and prevent those that might lie in the future.

You take care of your family and the things around you.
You push yourself. One day you realize that something is wrong with you. What happened to me? It is time to invest in you, in your health and life. You have medical insurance; it is for disease, but it is not for your health. Prevention and investment in your well-being is the ‘real’ health insurance. I recommend creating a HEALTHY YOU, so you can ensure your health.

What’s exciting to me is that science is uncovering the natural ways we can increase our healthy life span and many of those nonmedical, nonsurgical approaches are consistent with what I’ve been telling people all along. This natural approach to health is time and wisdom tested. I believe it is the simplicity of the program that makes it work. These principals have been used since the earliest of times by different cultures. Some of them are forgotten and even considered useless. The last few years has seen huge growth in the number of natural research studies being performed. People are now starting to realize that a natural way of being and healing is superior.

Now is the right time to discuss these issues with you.

Read Holistic Approach to Health to learn about your options to improve your optimal health.

“We must always change, renew, rejuvenate ourselves; otherwise we harden.”
Johann von Goethe