What Our Patients Say about Us


"Whenever we are appreciative, we are filled with a sense of well-being and swept up by the feeling of joy."
M.J. Ryan

We want to thank our wonderful patients for taking time out of their busy lives to provide testimonials regarding their experience with us. Your kind words and friendship mean the world!

I look and feel younger than I have in decades.

“I first starting seeing Zhanna only for medical massage; in the beginning I really didn't want or think I needed a health coach. I had chronic back, neck, shoulder & hip pain that would improve with therapeutic massage but would always reoccur. However with Zhanna's help, I realized how unhealthy my diet was in many ways and that there were many changes I could easily make that would improve how I feel and look. At first I felt overwhelmed by the number of diet changes I wanted to make but over the course of about 6 months, I slowly changed what I ate and slowly my food preferences changed at the same time. I also have seen a significant benefit in my health & overall wellbeing since starting taking all natural digestive supplements and herbs that I obtain through Zhanna. After only 6 months, my pain is significantly less and I lost my belly & back fat and have the flattest stomach & smallest waist in over 25 years! And my cystic acne has completely gone away - my skin is absolutely glowing - so much so I don't even want to wear makeup! I look and feel younger than I have in decades, no joke” – Jane Hawk RN (48 yrs. old), Tacoma, WA

I was very impressed with Zhanna's assistance in helping me to lose 21 pounds, dropping one of my diabetes medications, and bringing my resting pulse rate down to 60 beats per minute.

“As someone with considerable damage to my muscular-skeletal system from years of military service, I do not tolerate physical therapy well. When I had an auto accident, Zhanna Frumkin of Holistic Preventive Clinic provided extremely knowledgeable and quality medical massage therapy, which allowed me to work progressively to my pre-accident condition. She performs a strong, medically supported, and technically proficient practice of specialized massage techniques that I highly recommend to anyone in need of quality work for injuries or even muscular issues related to diseases. I now continue regular maintenance medical massage and have found it strongly to enhance my overall health.
Although I initially needed medical massage therapy from Zhanna Frumkin, it was not long until, in the course of conversation, she demonstrated great knowledge and insight regarding nutritional issues. As a Health Coach and Nutritionist of Holistic Preventive Clinic, Zhanna Frumkin presented strong evidence of her nutritional claims, utilized her nursing background to make a solid assessment of my nutritional needs, and suggested extremely high quality Standard Process products to assist me in improving my nutritional situation and life. It became obvious that the organic whole food supplements would aid not only me but also my spouse in having more balance in our diet. I was very impressed with her assistance in helping me to lose 21 pounds, dropping one of my diabetes medications, and bringing my resting pulse rate down to 60 beats per minute. The Standard Process cleansing products helped me better to eat nutritious food, and the Gymnema not only helped to lower my blood sugar levels but also to reduce my cravings for sugar and lose weight sensibly. I highly recommend Zhanna Frumkin as someone who caringly aids someone to achieve a healthier life through better nutritional practices, whole food supplements, immune enhancement and stress & pain reduction with medical massage therapy.”
- James E. Tille, PhD, DMin, LMFT, LMHC, MAC, CDP

I found Zhanna Frumkin 3 months ago. It has changed my life.
I listened, even when I doubted, because

“My name is Michael McKean and I am a 67 year old retired attorney and builder. I have been progressively suffering from what my doctor and the doctors at the Tacoma General Hospital Sports Medicine Clinic have repeatedly diagnosed as sciatica. X-rays and MRI's have shown no visible problems and the collective medical advice has been to "act my age," "stop doing what hurts," "Take some sodium naproxen for pain. It will kill your liver but at your age you will die from something else first." I doubted the doctor’s advice of a hopeless, pain-filled future of little motion and I got on the internet looking for solutions. I found that there is a whole of knowledge about how to correct sciatica. I ended up at the office of Zhanna Frumkin, licensed medical massage and neuromuscular therapist, nutritionist and holistic medicine practitioner. She did something amazing. She actually examined my body. She found that my left leg is now longer than my right for no structural reason. And that my left hip bone, when I am lying prone on my back, is elevated above the level of the hip. But no doctor had looked or poked my body. Zhanna does medical massage therapy now on my back to release restrictions in my body and it works. I do not fault doctors. They have their place. Over the past 6 years I have had 2 life-saving cancer operations. But that same system completely missed the fact that, because of an old back injury, my spinal musculature system had progressively protected that injury by building a new, compensating system of unbalanced musculature. And that has resulted in a lot of pain which was interfering with how I walked and what activities I chose NOT to do. Persistent pain affected my HEARING to the point where I was finally willing to LISTEN to Zhanna. And as a retired attorney and builder who controls his world, I do not listen easily. But I listened, even when I doubted, BECAUSE I WANTED MY LIFE BACK! I did a body cleanse (despite serious reservations) and have altered my diet to what my body tells me works. I eat more vegetables than I ever wanted to see and I am learning to like them. I poop better and have lost 15 pounds of fat in 3 months without dieting. And it is working. I have my pain under control. I cliff dive, jet ski, snow ski, scuba dive, bounce out of my sports car and fly on long plane rides without pain or cramping and I again do what I want. I have pain from my workouts and muscle building but I have no "old man pain." And I like it that way. - Michael A, McKean, Gig Harbor, WA.

Zhanna has helped my musculoskeletal problems tremendously!

“I have known Zhanna Frumkin for 20 years and have recommended her to my patients. I have also been treated by Zhanna and have found her to be a very warm and caring person as well as an excellent massage therapist. She has helped my musculoskeletal problems tremendously! I highly recommend Zhanna for any musculoskeletal pain or injury.” Barbara Radonich, P.T. - Owner Physical Therapy Associates, Tacoma, WA

I ended up losing 20 lbs. in 21 days

Thank you Zhanna, for being so patient with me thru the years. I first met Zhanna back in 2003, for some deep tissue muscle massage (sciatica treatment). Several treatments got me back to feeling normal. A number of years had passed before needing to see Zhanna again, (approx. 7 years). When I did see Zhanna again, she asked me about my lifestyle, whether I was exercising, stretching, and if I was eating right. I explained my average routine to her, and we both agreed that my nutrition wasn't horrible; but.... I wasn't seeing much value in return, for the effort I was putting. She had suggested try the 21 day Detox Program. Explaining to me in simple terms that my bodies OIL filter was clogged. The liver and kidneys needed some flushing out. Zhanna had told me things to expect that might possibly change while on this program. I started the cleansing program on April 1st 2015. I was just looking to feel better, hopefully get rid of all the little aches and pains. I was pretty good at following the program, I expected to be tired, and hungry going thru this.... But to my surprise, I wasn't ; in fact I could eat as much as I wanted. Just substitute that right nutritional foods for the unhealthy ones. I ended up losing 20 lbs in the 21 days. I'm 5'5" 175lbs normally. I didn't really consider myself much over weight. But the pounds melted off, my aches and pains went away, my hair was softer and shinier, AND I slept a whole lot better. So for all things were very positive, and I would highly recommend it to anyone. In fact a few members of my family are going to give it a shot, as well as some friends. (Now I just need to better at trying Zhanna's healthy recipes, to keep this journey healthy and EASY! Thanks again. Lynn Elliott, Tacoma, WA

To my surprise my aches and pain have diminished as well as my eczema and dry skin and
I've been able to go deeper with my yoga positions

I am a healthy 40 year old female and have no significant medical history. I've always been active and I view my diet as fairly healthy, I've always eaten moderately and have included all food groups and my sugar and alcohol intake have always been little. The only ailments I've struggled through all my life has been minor eczema and the occasional stomach problems, such as irregularity and bloated feeling. The only other complaints I've had is more aches and stiffness in joints but I attribute this with aging.

I have been seeing Zhanna for over 6 years for medical massage. With regular massage sessions, my carpal tunnel syndrome have been under control and much improved, no surgery intervention needed! I reveal to Zhanna all my medical symptoms and she sees first hand my physical ailments. For years she has suggested a detoxification program for me so finally I did it and to my surprise my aches and pain have diminished as well as my eczema and dry skin. I've been able to go deeper with my yoga positions, I always thought aging was the reason I could no longer do certain poses! At the final phase of Detoxification, you slowly and singly introduce certain foods. As soon as I introduced breads and pasta back into my regular diet, my stomach began to feel uncomfortable and my eczema returned. I now know I have a gluten sensitivity and thus has been the culprit of my ailments all these years!! It's amazing how diet plays such an important role in our health, it's true what they say, garbage in...garbage out! I choose to respect my body with the correct nourishment.
Joan Faulkner, Tacoma, WA

My liver enzymes are perfectly normal

I am a patient of Zhanna's. I was referred to her by my Neurosurgeon for Medical Massage post-op 3 back surgeries. I was having a lot of muscle pain and swelling from the trauma of the surgeries. On my fist visit, Zhanna asked me if I was having any problems with my digestion, to my surprise. I thought, "how would she know?" She went on to explain about how the digestion effects the muscles and contributes to the swelling and thus brings more pain. After talking with her, it made more sense to me and felt was worth a try to start taking the supplements suggested by her and follow a good diet of mostly meat and protein. She assured me I would see results if I just stuck to it for a while.

She was right! It has gotten a lot better and the swelling isn't as bad either. But most of all my digestion is far better than it has been for a couple of years. Well since I have started all the back problems. I didn't think I would ever be normal again. It is a great feeling not to have to take immodium every day 2 to 3 times a day sometimes.The supplements and the diet have made my life better and I am even starting to drop a few pounds. I just found out my liver enzymes are perfectly normal now since I started diet and supplemental regimen and before they were very elevated. Thanks Zhanna, you ROCK!
Cindy Avey, Tacoma, WA