Health Coach Consultation


“I cannot teach anybody anything. I can only make them think”

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I would be happy to help you with any part of your healing program. I charge $1.60 per minute to assist you via phone or Skype.

I am delighted to help you with:

  • optimizing your health using MediHerb herbal therapy
  • how to heal from multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS)
  • how to heal from adrenal fatigue
  • how to recover from other hormonal imbalances such as male menopause, female hormone imbalances, and thyroid issues
  • cancer support
  • life coaching, with HeartMath® certification
  • using essential oils in your in-home enema program
  • a coffee enema healing program
  • how to optimize brain health
  • how to heal anal fissures

With years of collective experience helping people optimize their health, we know you can heal.

Client Testimonials

Appreciate You!
"Kristina provided exceptionally useful information. I always appreciate it when a person's knowledge is so vast on a subject that you instantly know you are asking the right person, and the information you are receiving is without a doubt the truth. Knowledge through experience is the key. I felt instantly at ease, knowing I had met the right person to ask! Feeling at ease is of the utmost importance in consciously performing cleansing experiences for the mind, body, and spirit. Thank you!"

A Positive Experience
"Kristina gave me some very useful suggestions and was very attentive to my issues regarding IBS. I would strongly recommend that anyone with digestive issues schedule a consultation. For me it was more beneficial than meeting with a gastroenterologist."

Let Your True Healing Begin
"Due to an oral surgeon removing two highly infected root canals, my body was flooded with toxins and a painful anal fissure developed. Finding Kristina was a blessing. Unlike toxic pharmaceuticals, the soothing essential oils she recommended calmed the fissure pronto. But it's not just the products. It's the inspiration given by Kristina herself. Being uplifted is a very big part of the healing process. Kristina guides you to believe in yourself. No judgement or criticism, just love and guidance."

We Need People Like Kristina
"It was excellent spending the hour healing over the effects of war. Too bad humans have to go through war just to find common ground. Power, agendas, politics. It sucks, but it's up to us to figure it out. Please keep spreading the words of love and compassion, because without people like you, humanity really doesn't have a snowball's chance in hell."

Grateful for Your Wisdom
"I am so blessed by your website. I tell everyone. At 62, chronically ill and broke, I am so grateful to finally find a healer with wisdom, who keeps things affordable, and deeply knows how to use essential oils in the colon for profound healing results. Please keep doing what you are doing!"

Kristina Sincerely Cares
"Kristina genuinely and sincerely cares about helping people and that is evident in the way she communicates, how she asks questions and her approach to coaching. Her protocols have made a significant positive impact to my health and well-being and I look forward to continuing the journey towards even greater health with her guidance and support. She is a truly dedicated, knowledgeable and caring professional."

I Completely Trust You!
"Wow! This enema series thing really works. I am 71 and I haven't felt this great in years. My prostate is no longer bothering me. I didn't want to go the route of pharmaceuticals, and now my whole body seems to be appreciating what you are having me do. It's a great process. Additionally, I've lost all the weight I set out to lose - all 80 pounds. Whatever you tell me to do from here on out, I will do. I completely trust you."

Thank You for Your Help and Advice
"Thank you again for your help and advice 14 years ago. I was recovering from colon cancer. I have never forgotten your help. I am now over 80 and still kicking. I do order my supplies from you."

So Grateful for Your Help
"I am so grateful to you for the help you gave me in just two sessions. My main problems which plagued me for years are gone!"

Consult Extraordinaire!
"I have been ordering products from OHN for a number of years and finally made the commitment to do a HTMA test and get a consult. I was very impressed with Kristina and her approach to issues which are highlighted by the testing. Kristina creates a wonderful zone of comfort, in which you can freely exchange thoughts and ideas. I was able to find hope that there is better health ahead. I encourage everyone to take advantage of this experience."

Very Pleased with My Experience
"Kristina and Kayla are very helpful. They got back to me right away with the questions that I asked outside of the consultation. I am very pleased with Optimal Health Network."

Thank You for All the Patience
"I am thoroughly impressed by the level of professionalism and personal care that Kayla provides. The Optimal Health Network team is knowledgeable in their field and competent in working with you to restore you to good health. I wholeheartedly recommend Optimal Health Network and I am grateful for all the information they make available. What a gift to health and sanity! Thank you for all the patience, tips, advice, and insight you've provided. It's meant a lot to me!"

An Answer to a Prayer
"Thank you for your support and all of the information you have provided. I will follow what you outlined, and I am looking forward to much continued healing. It feels good to have a plan! I am very thankful to have gotten connected with Kayla and the Optimal Health Network. What a gift you've been on my health journey! Thank you for walking through it with me and offering me guidance and encouragement throughout. Such an answer to a prayer!"

It's Working!
"I received the package yesterday (thanks Kayla, for walking the extra mile for me) and did my first healing suppository. I want to share with you the good news: IT'S WORKING... I went to pee with no urethral obstruction, had no pain, felt no pelvic or bladder pressure, and most important, I could sleep well. I'm very happy and convinced that all the answers are available if we search and ask the right questions with an open mind and a humble heart and that there are always loving and caring angels like you and your team in our journey to wellness."

Excellent Service
"Kayla, you did a superb job of handling my call this morning! I had numerous questions and concerns, but in your interaction with me you were patient, professional, kind, and informative. You are truly an excellent representative for Optimal Health Network, and should be recognized for your commendable customer service. Your valuable service is effective and is appreciated!"

You Are Such a Blessing to Others
"Thank you! You are providing a wealth of knowledge and insight into this topic. Thank you for your generosity in sharing the videos on why enemas are so important, how they work in our bodies, and safe ways to prepare and take them. Incredibly valuable information that is hard to come by! And you have terrific staff too. I spoke with Kayla today and was impressed by her in-depth knowledge of your products as well as her calm, kind demeanor. Thank you for all being dedicated to whole health through gentle, natural, restorative methods! May you continued to be blessed in this work as you are such a blessing to others."

Top Notch!
"Kristina is a very competent and understanding health adviser. She has a great understanding of the healing process. I have put my faith in her for my health goals, and she has proven to be a very valuable asset to me. I have seen results in 6 weeks of following her protocol, and I am confident that I will see complete healing through her guidance and continued advice. When you need help, there is always someone there to give answers."

Forever Grateful
"I wanted to thank you and the Optimal Health Network staff for your wonderful products, the very helpful videos and your availability for telephone consultations. I am forever grateful for the role you have played in my life."

Need Your Help Again
"Several years ago you helped me recover from colon cancer. I now have a very serious sinus condition, and I would be most grateful for your help again." C.C.