Morning Sickness

Morning Sickness is primarily the result of compromised digestion. The underlying problem exists prior to pregnancy. With the added digestive challenge of pregnancy, the problem becomes symptomatic:

To control vomiting

Phosfood Liquid

(15 drops take with full glass of water

as often as needed)


Phosphorus is an important mineral that enables the body to metabolize protein, calcium, and glucose. Our cells require phosphorus to maintain normal function and to store and use energy. Read more.

Sick, but not vomiting:




Zypan is the premier digestive enzyme product because it is so effective at rebuilding the protein digestion system. Undigested proteins cause many more problems than fats, carbs and sugars. Zypan is best product for improving protein digestion. It contains Pancreatin, Pepsin and Hydrochloric Acid (HCL) and also, ammonium chloride. Read more.

A-F Betafood



It is a gallbladder and liver decongestant, supports fat metabolism, thinning and mobilization of bile and assists in the conversion of blood fat to sugar. It is source of naturally occurring betaine from young growing beet leaves that helps with congestion and movement of bile and digestion of fats. Read more.

If condition persists,
add one at the time until cleared:




Cholacol contains purified bile salts. It is for bile stasis and gallbladder relief, for the bile-deficient patient. It is beef bile salts. Don't confuse this product with refined extracts of bile salts, such as dehydrocholic acid. Cholacol is the whole bile substance. Read more.




Choline assists in fat metabolism in the liver. It supports the action of bile salts by reducing the surface tension of fat particles, making them more easily emulsified by the bile salts. Read more.

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