Why It Is So Hard To Lose Weight


“Every human being is
the author of his own
health or disease.”

You need to be healthy first before you can lose weight. Obesity is a symptom, not the cause, of an unhealthy body. Fat is not directly responsible for the problems of overweight people. The problem is the unhealthy body that created the perfect environment for fat in the first place. It’s the unhealthy body that creates health risks. You are fat because some area of your body is unhealthy. You can’t be fat and healthy at the same time. The body can’t and won’t release fat until it is at a certain level of health. Fat is a survival mechanism and the body will not let go fat until the body is healthy. Healthy body will be able to lose weight permanently. So, put your attention to be healthy first and then watch your weight will come off very easily for good. It is only way to lose weight. There is no other short cut.

Concentrating on weight rather than health means that you have been trying to solve the wrong problem. You need to switch your goal to getting healthy. Only by getting healthy will the weight come off and stay off. So, shift your point from losing weight to getting healthy. Go ahead. Just do it right now. I am sure that you did it. It is good because you are going to be very successful if you shift that goal. If you focus on being healthy you don’t have to be worry to gain weight. That is truth. Why you think people have hard time to lose weight, because they concentrate on symptoms, not on the root of the problem.

4 reasons of not losing weight:

Let’s Focus on the Real Problems:

  • Rejuvenate Your Glands and Hormones

  • Balance Digestive System at its Fullest

  • Heal Insulin and Leptin Resistance Naturally

  • Get Rid of Toxins by Doing Detoxification