"Health is worth more
than learning."
Thomas Jefferson

The fourth reason of not losing weight is
large amount of toxins in your body.

A toxin is a chemical that can occur naturally or synthetically in the environment. Toxins are a type of poison that can harm our body both internally as well as externally. Internal toxins are produced in the body, when the food breaks down in the large intestine and through metabolic processes in the cells. External toxins are chemical and microbial. These toxins enter the body through contaminated food, water and air.

The body is naturally designed to process and eliminate toxins. The organs that are employed for the elimination of these chemicals are liver, kidneys, colon, skin, lymphatic system and lungs. Toxins from the body are rid through urine, feces, perspiration and exhalation. The liver breaks down the harmful toxins into harmless byproducts that are eliminated from the body in the form of stools or through kidneys in the form of urine. Sometimes the body gets exposed or tends to accumulate the toxins, that it becomes a necessity to eliminate them from the body. Some general symptoms of toxins in the body are chronic fatigue syndrome, insomnia, showing sensitivity towards certain food products or chemicals and body odor.

The liver is a major organ for detoxification. Because all fat-burning hormones create their effects through the liver, having a healthy liver is the most important first step in weight loss.

Without a healthy liver fat burning will be next

to impossible. No matter how much you starve,

how hard you exercise, if the fat-burning

hormones are not being triggered because of

toxic liver there will be no weight loss.

Remove toxins from your body is necessary

in order to burn fat permanently.

Because of too many toxins and hormone disrupters we do detoxification as a first action and it is necessary in order to burn fat permanently. Very important! If you just focused on healing your liver, you would lose so much fat that it wouldn’t be funny. If you have a goal to lose weight, instead, switch your goal to creating a healthy liver — you’ll end up with faster weight loss. Weight is just the symptom.

In this program you'll learn why you need
to clean the liver in order to lose weight.