Hydrochloric Acid Sensitivity Test


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A well running digestive system is crucial to good health – your digestive system is your body’s powerhouse to break down food into usable nutrients and to control toxicity by getting rid of the unused portions. Sometimes a digestive imbalance is at the root of seemingly unrelated symptoms, so it can be hard to spot.

In the stomach, the brain sends signals to release an acid enzyme called "hydrochloric acid" (HCL). HCL, although it is an acid, it does not burn the stomach, or damage healthy stomach mucosa. Its function is to kill any and all bacteria, virus, parasite, yeast, mold or fungus that is ingested. It is also responsible for digesting protein and minerals. The pH of HCL is zero to 1.0 (bringing the overall stomach pH to 1.0-1.2 - ideal stomach chemistry). This acidity is equal to battery acid. But it is GOOD. It also triggers the release of other enzymes in the stomach and further down the digestive tract.

Testing for low or high stomach acid can be invasive and expensive. Procedures include a full exam by an internist with an instrument inserted into your stomach to measure pH (acidity), hair analysis, and stool samples for undigested food, or radio telemetry with capsules. But in the end, the easiest and cheapest way to test for low stomach acid is The Apple Cider Test:

  • Mix 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in 4 ounces of water
  • Drink before a meal (on an empty stomach)
  • If it does not cause burning, use supplements Zypan. It contains betaine hydrochloride, pepsin, and pancreatic enzymes. If your digestion (heartburn, gas, bloating, and indigestion) improves after taking Zypan, you have too little stomach acid and should continue taking Zypan. Begin with one Zypan per meal, then 2/meal. This should improve digestion. You may wish to increase the dosage to 3/meal if there is still some indigestion. If you have low acidity the food ferments, producing acidic gases and acids. These irritants are what cause most burning, ulcers, and gastritis. Zypan is HCL supplement that aids protein digestion, helps with heart burns, reduces gas and bloating, reduces constipation, helps in the prevention of parasites and improves overall digestion.
  • If taking apple cider vinegar on empty stomach causes a tingling or light burning, this is the sign that you may have an ulcer or a severe case of gastritis and you have too much stomach acid, in that case, use Gastrex (2-3/meal) tablets instead of Zypan. Also, take Chlorophyll Complex perles (12/day) if taken when the stomach is empty and they both can assist greatly in the healing of the stomach lining. Both contain pure oil- based chlorophyll, which is nature’s finest healer of epithelial tissues. Do not use Zypan yet use Multizyme instead as an enzyme supplement. Ulcers generally cause burning when the stomach is empty, because the stomach acids have easy access to the lesions in the stomach lining. Eating will usually relief the pain.

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