Cleaning and Toothbrush

Is Not Enough


"A healthy outside starts
from the inside"
Robert Urich

Hugh W. McMillan, D.D.S., M.D., of Cincinnati, says: "To a careful observer of dental conditions and diseases at the present time in clinic and private practice, it is very evident the results of dental caries and diseases of the gums and tooth are daily increasing, in spite of the increasing number of dentists, in spite of the multiplicity of patented and personally-designated tooth brushes, in spite of proprietary pyorrhea cures and gum massaging pastes and lotions, in spite of acid, alkaline, neutral, mucin-dissolving and film destroying tooth pastes and mouth-washes and in spite of the type of periodontologist who aims to prevent by either applying or removing something from the tooth surface in the same manner that some unintelligent physician might well expect to cure by external applications a skin and teeth disease of general origin.”

Dr. McMillan says: "the tooth brush does not get in between the teeth or down around fillings or under the gingival margins. The actual places where decay primarily occurs are not touched by the brush. About all the brush accomplishes is to polish the already self-cleansing surfaces.

Dr. H. J. Morris, president the British Medical Association says: "The cry that clean teeth do not decay is really absurd, because under the popular method of feeding, the teeth cannot be kept clean. Surely we have seen enough by this time to have lost our faith in the tooth brush, and it is time the people lost theirs too. The old belief should be modified by a new one. Is it sufficient to tell a patient that a clean tooth never decays, when it is often impossible to clean it with sealers? Is it right to tell a child to brush his teeth so that they will not decay, when often patients are seen who brush their teeth several times each day and still caries are widespread?"

In this program you’ll learn about:

  • Why sugar is bad for teeth

  • What is required to prevent teeth conditions

  • Why just cleaning and brushing teeth cannot build sound teeth

  • Rotation of cleansing routines

  • Cleaning your tongue the right way

  • How many times a day you need to clean your teeth

  • Toothpaste hazardous effect on your teeth and body

  • Toothpaste alternatives, flossing, and dentures

  • Why we have a bad breath and natural remedies for it