Whole Food Supplements and Herbs

for Your Healthy Teeth and Gums




Bio-Dent supports bone and tooth. It is cold-processed raw veal bone tablet. In addition to the veal bone, it contains some manganese B-12 and some spleen extract. It is biologically active bone for building teeth and a source of raw bone calcium and protein factors for dental problems. Read more.




Biost is the protomorphogen extract of raw bone. It is biologically active through careful cold processing and made from raw bones with the marrow. It supports bones, teeth and related tissue and source of calcium, phosphorus, protein and enzymes. It's used along with Bio-Dent to rebuild bone. Read more.

Calcium Lactate

(1 tsp./day)


Calcium Lactate is highly soluble form of calcium from a nondairy vegetable source and contains the proper balance of calcium and magnesium (5:1 ratio). It is blended with magnesium citrate, thus providing balancing magnesium and making the product slightly acid for better absorption and assimilation. This is not a dairy product as it contains no whey or lactose and is safe for people allergic to milk products. Read more.

Cataplex D



Cataplex D (Vitamin D) supports bone health, mineral absorption, the immune system, and cellular processes. Vitamin D is largely misunderstood because very few people need it in the form of a supplement alone.
Read more.

Cataplex F



Vitamin F is another name for unsaturated fatty acids, a form of fat nutrition. Vitamin F acts a middleman for the distribution of calcium to muscles and cells of your body. Read more.

Cyruta Plus



Cyruta Plus made out of Buckwheat. Cyruta Plus is for people with blood vessel problems, clogged arteries, easy bruising, gingivitis, viral infections, elevated C - reactive protein levels in the blood, and stroke. It is excellent for your healthy gums. Read more.

Cataplex A-C-P



Cataplex A-C-P combines activity of vitamins C and A with 'P' factor. It supports general resistance to infection, cardiovascular health, blood, epithelial, connective tissues, and more. It is excellent for your healthy gums. Read more.

Echinacea Premium



Echinacea Premium combines the roots of the Echinacea angustifolia and Echinacea purpurea to enlist properties unique to each other. It enhances immune system function. Read more.

Also, see Whole Food Supplements and Herbs to Boost Antioxidants because your healthy teeth and gums depend on antioxidants.

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