Rheumatoid Arthritis




It is a special formula that supports Rheumatoid Arthritis. Rumaplex supports the whole body functioning and inflammation in joints also. Read more.




It is made from beef thymus gland, as the name implies. Thymex supports the thymus gland with bovine thymus Cytosol extract, calcium, and magnesium. It stimulates general thymus immune response and involved in antibody production. Read more.

Cataplex C



Cataplex C is vitamin C complex with anti-scurvy factors. It promotes immune resistance, helps inflammation and congestion, skin, connective tissue, and bone health. It supports and promotes normal immune response. Read more.

Zinc Liver Chelate



It is essential in supporting the immune system weakness and disorder, endocrine function, in making sex hormones. It promotes protein synthesis and provides cofactor support for enzymatic functioning. It supports digestion. Zinc is an essential part of hundreds of enzymes utilized throughout the body. Read more.

Collagen C



It supports healthy connective tissue and good source of vitamin C. Read more.




It is a liver detoxifier, specifically for the type of liver that arthritics have. Arthritics have sluggish livers. It supports flushes toxins from the liver. Also, it is used for arthritis, reduced joint stiffness and swelling. Read more.


I strongly recommend using 1-2 herbs from MediHerb,

especially in the early phases of treatment.

Boswella Complex



Boswellia Complex contains Boswellia, Celery Seed, Ginger and Turmeric. These herbs provide many phytochemicals including the boswellic acids, several essential oils, flavonoids, gingerols and yellow pigments curcumin. Read more.

Echinacea Premium



Echinacea Premium supports the immune and lymphatic systems as well as the whole body wellbeing. It improves systemic inflammation and is used as a tonic for the whole body. Read more.

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