Fatigue and Sleep Problems


Excessive fatigue is often the result of adrenal insufficiency. The added physical demands of pregnancy along with stress are very trying on the adrenal glands. This can also be an indication for iron need.


(One per hour from rising)


Supports adrenal function, maintains energy production, a balanced mood and helps maintain emotional balance to reduce the effects of everyday stress. Read more.

Sleeplessness – trouble falling asleep:

Cataplex G



Catalyn G (vitamin B complex) is vasodilator by relaxing the nerves in the vessels. It opens up the blood vessels by relaxing the nerves in the vessels. Cataplex G maintains nerve health and provides a calmative effect on the nervous system. Read more.


(4 before bed)


It is a combination of minerals and synergistic factors designed to support the nervous system, relaxation, sleep and stress. It is very good for people who get depressed, and for nervous, emotional people and hyperkinetic children. Read more.

Sleeplessness – trouble staying asleep:

A-F Betafood



It is a gallbladder and liver decongestant, supports fat metabolism, thinning and mobilization of bile and assists in the conversion of blood fat to sugar. It is source of naturally occurring betaine from young growing beet leaves that helps with congestion and movement of bile and digestion of fats. Read more.




Protefood contains the eight essential amino acids. Working together, the amino acids, minerals, enzymes, and vitamin C contained in Protefood interact throughout the human body to enhance exercises, support healthy cardiovascular function, immune response, bone development and protein metabolism. Read more.

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