Whole Food Supplements and Herbs

for Sinuses




Fen-Gre contains fenugreek seed and okra with rice bran extract. It blocks formation of mucus in respiratory tract and lowers viscosity of mucous secretions. Fen-Gre is used for sinus congestion, deep respiratory congestion, and excessive mucous secretions. It must be taken with a lot of water to get it into solution. Once absorbed, it begins to flow into the tissues, thinning and freeing mucus. Read more.


(6-15/day in acute stage

up to 15/day for 3 days)


Congaplex is the primary product for colds, flu, congestion, inflammation, and any systemic infection. Dosage can be used at higher levels in acute situations. It supports a healthy immune response function.
Read more.

Cataplex A-C-P



Cataplex A-C-P combines activity of vitamins C and A with 'P' factor. It supports general resistance to infection, cardiovascular health, blood, epithelial, connective tissues, and more. Read more.




Drenamin supports adrenal function and helps maintain emotional balance and everyday stress. It support fatigue, lowered resistance, allergies and respiratory disorders. Read more.


I strongly recommend using 1-2 herbs

especially in the early phases of treatment:

Euphrasia Complex



Euphrasia Complex combines the herbs Eyebright, Golden Rod, Echinacea root, Golden Seal and Cayenne. These five powerful herbs contribute to maintain healthy and normal mucus secretion in nasal passages and support healthy mucous membranes. Read more.




Antronex is a drainage for sinuses and contains a special liver extract, named Yakriton. it is the blood-filtering in the liver. It is natural anti-histamine, excellent for people who have histamine toxicity, as in cases of asthma and allergies. One more thing about Antronex it is only utilized in an acid GI tract, so you may need to take Zypan along with it. Read more.

Andrographis Complex



Andrographis Complex contains a unique blend of herbs of Andrographis, Echinacea root and Holy Basil to support normal immune function and support healthy respiratory system. Read more.

Echinacea Premium



Echinacea assists the body's immune response. One of the most important functions is the nonspecific immune response; particularly white blood cells helping with phagocytosis. Also, it encourages healthy upper respiratory tissue and supports systemic inflammation in the whole body. Read more.

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