Step 2: Removing Pathogens

Pathogens can spread within the body and deeply infiltrate into healthy tissue and the surface of mucosal tissue. This mucosal tissue is found in places like the mouth, nose, lung, gut, colon, urinary tract and vaginal wall. It creates damage and stimulates a response from the body’s immune system. That is why when dealing with pathogens; we need to remove them from all these places in order to be successful in this process.

Take whole food digestive supplements and herbs to remove pathogens by developing unfriendly environment for them. In this step you’ll deal with yeast infections, candida, small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, parasites and other pathogens. There are many supplements and herbs to take, but they are all different and affect your intestinal health in own way.

You should alternate them for the best results. Use a different herb or supplement every 5 days. Use this protocol for 6 weeks to 3 months or more depending on the severity of your condition. During this period, use flush with a coffee enema to push pathogens out. After that you will be free of pathogens and many symptoms that bothered you for a long time: bloating, gas, cramping, indigestion, food sensitivity, allergies, diarrhea, constipation…

Removal Candida and Other Pathogens

Gut Flora Complex

(6-9/day per day for 2 days

then off for 5 days)


It contains Oregano essential oil, Anise essential oil, Andrographis and Phellodendron. Together these herbs and essential oils combine to cleanse, promote health in the lower GI tract and proper intestinal flora. Read more.

Note: You should take ProSynbiotic for 5 days and then 2 days off and Gut Flora Complex for 2 days and then 5 days off. In this case good bacteria in your gut will dominate.




Zymex promotes a healthy pH range in the intestinal tract and encourages a healthy intestinal environment to maintain proper gastrointestinal flora to help candida and diarrhea. It is actually made from a culture that is grown. Read more.

Spanish Black Radish



It is bowel detoxification support. It supports gastrointestinal tract function, promoting the body's detoxification mechanisms by cleansing the colon and small intestine through excretion of toxic materials and encourages healthy digestion. It is a good choice for candida and parasites. Read more.

Removal Parasites

Zymex II

(6 -12/day)


Zymex II is a good choice to begin to deal with a parasitic issue in the gut. It contains digestive enzymes to support healthy gastrointestinal function and encourages a healthy intestinal environment to maintain proper gastrointestinal flora. It does not contain pancreatin or betaine hydrochloride and developed for the acid-sensitive individual. Read more.

Wormwood Complex

(2-3 tabs twice per day for 10 days,

then wait 10 days and repeat)


This is the strongest way to get rid of parasites in the GI tract. Wormwood Complex contains the following herbs: Wormwood, Black Walnut hulls, Stemona root and Clove Bud essential oil. Read more.

Black Walnut Hulls 1:10

(1 teaspoon/day)


Black Walnut Hulls 1:10 cleanses the GI tract, supports proper digestion, promotes healthy intestinal organism balance and helps to get rid of parasites.
Read more.

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