Step 6: Exercises


“If I'd known I was going to live so long,
I'd have taken better care of myself.”
Leon Eldred

I fully believe that it is far better to consider exercise as a drug and, as such, use it in very precise doses to receive the optimal benefit. It's far more logical, inexpensive and actually radically reduces your risk of most every chronic disease known to man. A daily exercise routine is one of the main factors in achieving optimal wellness. It is relatively easy to over or under dose with exercise. Learn about specific exercise protocol for maitaining your health.

Over-exercising adds stress. This is seen in the person who experiences no weight loss even after many months of hard-core training and becoming weaker and sicker. Under-exercising, in contrast, will produce little benefit because there is not enough stimulus to create the body rebounding effect. The important thing to know about exercise is that there is an optimal exercise, based on the individual’s fitness and health. The “more is better” approach to exercise is ineffective and even dangerous when you understand recovery is where it all happens.

In the program you we’ll learn how to determine

what type of optimal exercise you need to do

for your body type to prevent and improve

Blood sugar problems.