Burn Fat Questions and Answers


"Happiness lies, first of all,
in health."
George William Curtis

It seems like my body is a mix of all the types. Which diet should I use?

Start with the initial Purification Program for 3 weeks. Then, depending on whether you did well or not, add protein as needed. If you did well on the Purification Program, you will continue with this until you crave protein. If something is working, you do not want to change it. In other words, if you feel good on the Purification Program keep doing it for as long as it continues to work. You could be on this plan for an additional one to three weeks or even up to six months or more. If you feel good on the Purification Program, means that probably you are more Liver/Thyroid Body Type Diet with limited amount of protein. Gradually switch from Purification Program to the Liver/Thyroid body type diet, which includes some protein.

You will know very early on in the program (even within the first 2 days) if you start to crave protein. Some people have extremely sensitive blood sugar issues and cannot go without protein for very long. Should this occur, you will need to switch to the Adrenal/Ovary BodyType Diet. On the other hand, if you did not do well on the Purification Program and did not lose weight within the first three weeks, then we’ll know you are an Adrenal/Ovary Type Diet and need to change to that plan.

How much weight loss is possible per week?

There are two types of weight problems: (1) water and (2) fat. The maximum fat that can be burned per week is between one and two pounds. That’s it. The maximum water loss is unlimited. This would explain how some people can lose and gain several pounds within days. Anyone can do any diet and lose water weight, but the true test is how much real fat they can lose. This program is designed to directly achieve that. It also emphasizes sodium and potassium food ratios. If you’re only losing one to two pounds per week, it might not be a bad thing; it might actually be normal. And it’s important to understand this so you don’t get discouraged. Better indicators for improvement would be energy level, sleep quality, digestion and cravings, as these tell if the body is healing.

How do I know if I have water weight or fat?

There is a test called Body Composition, which allows to measure body fat versus fluids. Generally, if you weigh a lot and get your body fat tested and it comes out low or normal, then you probably have more fluid weight. Exercise rarely fixes this water problem — diet is the only way. Get on the Purification Program to create a healthy liver. Healthy liver foods are high in potassium, which will allow the fluid to come out gradually over a few months. If you notice a very slow, gradual weight reduction, then you know it is fat, not fluid.

What if I’m pregnant? Can I do this program?

You can follow the meal plans for either Liver & Thyroid or Adrenal & Ovary Body Type Diet, but not the Purification Program. Just make sure you are adding enough protein. Also, check with your doctor to see if this is acceptable or not. You don’t want to be dieting when you are pregnant. However, my program is very healthy and adding proteins to it would help contribute to a healthy baby.

Do I need to buy all organic,
hormone-free foods?

I’m not saying you need to change your entire diet overnight. It would be ideal to eat only organic, but 50 percent would be the bare minimum. The first change in your diet needs to be consuming hormone-free foods. Then once this is implemented, start adding the organic (no insecticide) foods.

I can’t afford the organic foods.
What should I do?

You could start with just purchasing organic meats, even hamburger and eggs, and keep everything else commercial. The point? The cost is an investment and it will pay off later. You are basically creating a higher level of health and it’s worth the investment.

What if I get constipated on this Plan?

If you get constipated on the Plan, this means that your digestive system doesn’t work properly. You need to fix your digestive system by eating more cooked vegetables, taking probiotics, digestive enzymes and maybe bile supplement. At the same time, you are maybe Adrenal body type. Adrenals do better on more protein.

What do I do if
I’m allergic to the foods recommended?

Occasionally, a person might think he or she is allergic or has sensitivity to some of the foods recommended, such as broccoli and cabbage. This is more a missing enzyme than an allergy. The person lacks the enzyme needed to digest certain foods, adding stress and bloating to the system and causing gas in the intestines. I believe this is the result of eating too many cooked and pasteurized foods, which over the years deplete your enzyme reserves. That is why it is important to germinate (soak in water overnight) your seeds and nuts to remove enzyme inhibitors, so that the enzymes in the foods can be reactivated causing less dependency on your own enzyme reserves.

Common gas-producing foods are beans, artichokes, asparagus, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, cucumbers, green peppers, onions, radishes, bananas, apricots and pears. Consume vegetables and fruits you know do not cause bloating, as this intestinal stress can increase stress hormones, preventing weight loss.

Make a food log to track your responses and start replacing foods that you are sensitive to with foods you know you can eat without the bloating. If you experience bloating with any foods, either germinate them (if nuts or seeds) or avoid them, or you can add the missing enzyme to digest these foods.

What if I just don’t like vegetables
or can’t get enough in my diet?

It is highly recommended that you consume as many vegetables as you can. However, there is something you could do to make up for the lack of quantity. You could consume better quality nutrition, like sprouts. A small serving of sprouts gives you just as much nutrition as a larger quantity of mature vegetables. So you wouldn’t be eating as much, just a better quality to get the same nutrition. Eat a small bowl of sprouts with salad dressing or put them in a sandwich.

I’m not hungry for breakfast. Is it okay
to skip it?

No, because you will trigger cortisol and crave sweets later at night. You have to eat something, even if it’s small, preferably six times per day. If you definitely have a Liver Body Type, eat only three meals per day with no snacks.

I thought eggs were bad for me and
would give me high cholesterol.

Eggs will not increase cholesterol because they are loaded with the antidote — lecithin. The only time I would recommend replacing eggs with fish would be if you have a gallbladder problem. And even then, a small number of eggs in the diet would not be much of an issue.

Should I consume
just the egg white and skip the yolk?

Eat the whole thing. You need this cholesterol to help with building hormones, especially the adrenal hormones. And the more stress you go through, the more fatty foods, especially eggs, I would recommend. Cholesterol also helps in supporting normal nerve and brain function.

Can I eat eggs daily without a problem?


Why can’t I have protein powders?

They are too processed (broken down). You need to eat real whole, mostly raw food. There is one exception, however - a product called SP Complete Dairy Free and Whey Pro Complete from Standard Process. This is a whey and brown rice protein powder, which is of very high quality.

What is the best thing for brain fog
or fatigue around my eyes?

You need more protein for breakfast. This is the most important meal of the day and adding protein (fish, eggs, etc.) is essential to keep your blood sugars level through the day. Your stomach is able to digest animal proteins better in the a.m. than the p.m. I recommend that, if possible, a person go without animal protein for the first 10 days of the Purification Program.

What can I do for itching around different parts of my body, including the soles of my feet?

Itching can be a sign of liver issues. When the liver can no longer break down histamines, you experience itching.

Why don’t you consider calories
within this program?

Calories, which are the units of energy in foods, are rather insignificant, in my opinion, compared to the hormone influence of foods and activities. Let’s take fat. Fat has high calories compared to other foods but fat does not stimulate fat-storing hormones. However, carbohydrates like breads or pasta can trigger fat-storing hormones. Cutting calories can cause long-term weight gain by stimulating the stress hormone cortisol, which releases sugar in the blood and triggers insulin to change this sugar into fat. That is why some people who go on low-calorie diets gain weight down the road.

Is there a way to speed up
getting rid of cellulite-type fat on my thighs?

This is usually an Ovary Body Type. It can be one of two problems: (1) excessive estrogen or (2) fluid retention within the lymphatic system in the outer thighs. If your eyes are puffy and feel swollen, suspect lymphatic fluid retention. If you press around your bellybutton, you can usually feel some soreness due to congested lymph nodes. The water retention situation can be solved by going on the Purification Program. The high potassium in these foods will balance the sodium. The key is to avoid artificial sweeteners and food chemicals and go as natural as possible. Many of these people are consuming some type of artificial sweetener within sodas or other drinks.

Fibroids and ovarian cysts can produce excess estrogen; so can HRT and birth-control pills. Growth hormones in animal meats can also contain estrogen. Make sure everything is organic and without hormones.

Another tip for this problem is to increase circulation by exercising the lower part of the body as opposed to the top part. Increasing protein in the diet can also decrease water retention. But add the protein after you have done the Purification Program.

I’m gaining weight on this diet.
What does that mean?

It means you are building more muscle. Muscle weighs more than fat. This means your cortisol hormones have been destroying your muscle proteins. A necessary process of healing requires more protein building.

I hit a plateau and am not losing any
more weight. What should I do?

After doing the Purification Program, some people stop losing weight when they transition to the body type diets. If this occurs, go back on the Purification Program for a longer time. This is what your liver needed. The worse your metabolism is, the stricter your food intake needs to be. You can’t afford to eat everything in moderation or even a few sweets here and there.

What might have happened as well is that you initially lost water weight, then plateaued once you started to burn fat, since fat burning is slower (one to two pounds per week). Also, look at whether your energy has increased, as this is an indicator of improvement. If it has increased, then continue; eventually the body will reach a greater level of health and the weight will come off. If your energy has not changed, then look through your diet to find what you are eating that might be preventing this. It is usually something simple like wine at night or a little bit of something sweet. One thing you have to realize is that if your diet has been bad for years, it might take some time to get your health back. You can’t expect the result of 50 years of poor eating to turn around in a few days of healthy eating. Sometimes it might take eating well for several months before you achieve your ideal weight. You could add more exercise to speed things up.

My willpower is low and
I’m having a hard time sticking to the program.
How can I improve this?

Use trained health coach who understands your needs and problems. It sometimes helps to have a trained person observe everything you do and gently nudge you in the right direction.

Any tips on how I handle stress on this program?

The more stress, the more you need to add in aerobic exercise (low pulse rate, endurance), not anaerobic (high pulse rate or resistance-type). You also need to add more fat and consume zero sugars. Butter or coconut butter is an excellent food to include in the diet when you are stressed so that you can feed your adrenal hormones.

I don’t have time to exercise.
Can I still lose weight on this program?
How can I improve this?

Yes, but the six fat-burning hormones have triggers; and the more you can trigger these hormones, the more weight you will lose. If you don’t exercise, then you have to keep the diet really perfect. If the diet is not great, then you need to exercise more. If you’re not sleeping well, then your diet and exercise need to be even better to compensate for this.

What’s the best way to speed up
my metabolism with exercise?

Once you graduate from the aerobic light-resistance-type exercise, you can really pick up the pace on anaerobic exercise. The key is to know that intensity is the most important trigger. The more intense the exercise, the more the hormone release. Do short, quick intense exercises with lots of rest in between.

I can’t sleep at night. Any recommendations?

Eat four stalks of celery before bed. Celery contains active compounds called pthalides, which relax the muscles of the arteries that regulate blood pressure. Pthalides also reduce adrenal (stress) hormones, which cause high blood pressure. When researchers injected a compound derived from celery into test animals, the animals’ blood pressure dropped 12–14 percent. In humans, an equivalent dose would be supplied by about four stalks of celery.

You could also try Kombucha tea, which is a friendly bacteria and yeast product, obtainable at a health food store in the refrigerated section. It balances your pH and greatly helps sleeping. However, certain people start craving more sweet foods when they drink it, while others don’t; so you’ll have to judge for yourself.

Do I burn more fat when I sleep?

Fat is released via hormones, especially growth hormone. Growth hormone is active during the night while you sleep, but to get the most benefit from its fat-burning affects you should go to bed before 11:00 p.m.

Why do pain and lack of sleep
keep me from weight loss?

Pain and lack of sleep trigger cortisol, which keeps you out of fat burning.

Is there a difference between farm-raised fish and wild-caught fish?

Big time! Each category has both omega 3 and omega 6 fats, which need to be in a certain ratio, but wild-caught fish have far more omega 3 fatty acids, in addition to being free of the hormones fed to farm-raised fish. So, if possible, consume wild-caught fish.

What are the benefits of broccoli sprouts?

Researchers estimate that broccoli sprouts contain 10 to 100 times the power of mature broccoli to boost enzymes that detoxify potential carcinogens! So a healthy serving of broccoli sprouts in your salad or sandwich can offer even more protection against cancer than larger amounts of full-grown broccoli. Broccoli sprouts are more nutritious than alfalfa sprouts. However, all sprouts contain much higher levels of nutrition than seeds and grown plants.

Can I overdo eating nuts?

Yes. This is one of the most common problems, as many people stuff their bodies with nuts all day long and then feel bloated, especially when they’re falling asleep. Roasted nuts and cashews usually cause the biggest problem; it’s difficult to overdo walnuts or almonds. And people generally do better on raw nuts than on roasted nuts and peanut butter. Heaviness in the abdomen, bloating or gas as a result of eating nuts is caused by the enzyme inhibitors they inherently contain. The way to handle this is to soak the nuts overnight in water to activate these enzymes and start the process of germination. Germinating nuts before you eat them will not only take the stress off your digestive system, it will also provide you with maximum nutrition.

Can I use spices?

Yes, but make sure they don’t contain MSG. It comes in other forms: modified food starch, hydrolyzed protein, hydrolyzed vegetable protein, sodium caseinate, calcium caseinate, carrageenan, glutamic acid, yeast extract, autolyzed yeast and natural flavorings. Avoid table salt and use sea salt.

I thought salt was bad for me; why do you recommend it for Adrenal body types?

With adrenal weakness you lose salt, so you need to replace it. Again, use sea salt, not table salt.

What do I do if I’m craving salty foods?

Add some Celtic sea salt to your diet every day until the cravings go away. This is usually indicative of adrenal weakness. Sometimes these same cases also crave licorice.

What do I do if I’m craving sweets?

Increase your fats and proteins, especially in the morning. This would be eggs (particularly the yolks), walnuts and almonds. I also recommend you eat before you get hungry, by adding snacks between meals. Craving sweets means you are burning sugar, not fat. The diet is designed to get you into fat burning so this doesn’t happen. There is herb Gymnema that will help you with cravings.

What can I have as a sugar substitute?

The goal is to avoid all sugars, but now and then you have a birthday or other occasion where you are forced to eat some. If this occurs, the following are the best choices, listed in descending order: Stevia, Raw Honey, and Molasses.

What about the sugar in salad dressing, gum, ketchup, etc.?

You need to start reading labels and look at the sugar amounts. It’s these hidden sugars that add up to no weight loss. I get all my condiments at the health food store. Even many brands of pickles have sugar added — so read labels.

What about popcorn?

Popcorn is starch but it has fiber. You can have some occasionally; however, make sure you add real butter to slow the insulin response. If you find you are not losing weight, then cut it out.

What about puffed cereals or puffed rice cakes?

Avoid anything puffed.

Can’t I eat whole-wheat bread?

Commercial whole-wheat bread has more chemicals and bug sprays (insecticides) than white bread because it has more nutrition for the bugs to live on. It’s too much starch and it will slow your progress.

Will I ever be able to eat bread?

Once you achieve your ideal weight and size, you can add occasional bread into your diet. The kind of bread will be Ezekiel or Gluten Free bread, as it is the least damaging to your system. Some other diet programs have several phases that gradually add the processed and refined foods back into the diet. The goal with our program is to get your body used to eating healthful foods, and then maintain that healthy eating.

Another problem with commercial bread is that not only is it too much of a starch but it is also badly processed. The flour most breads are made from loses its vitamins very soon after the grain is ground. Then synthetic vitamins are sprayed onto it. When you eat it, a depletion of these vitamins can occur. Once you achieve your ideal weight you could, in your spare time, grind some wheat fresh and make your own bread — a limited amount.

What about consuming soy products?

Most soy in America is genetically modified. It’s in almost every product. Soy is badly processed and can increase estrogen. Occasional miso soup is okay.

What about GMO foods?

Genetically modified foods are becoming a problem in the U.S. I would recommend getting a video called The Future of Food. There are four main foods that are being modified presently: corn, wheat, canola and soy. It makes you wonder if this is why so many people have allergies to these foods. Manufacturers are not currently regulated or required to mention if the food is GMO or not, which is scary. The only reason they don’t want you to know is because you would not buy it.

I’ve heard that spinach and other leafy greens produce oxalates, which make kidney stones.

This can occur if the leafy green vegetables—especially spinach—are cooked or processed. When these vegetables are eaten raw, the oxalic acid they contain may be beneficial in the cleansing and healing of the intestinal tract; but when they are cooked or processed, heat changes the organic (plant-based) acid into an inorganic acid that is no longer plant-based, which binds readily with calcium and other minerals to form oxalates (salts of oxalic acid). Because oxalates are not nutrients, the blood will transport them directly to the kidneys to excrete as urine. If the urine contains large amounts of calcium oxalate, this can solidify into crystals, which, in turn, contribute to the formation of kidney stones.

However, consuming apples, cranberry juice (unsweetened), apple cider vinegar; grapefruits, oranges, lemon juice and asparagus will act to counter the production of these stones. The benefits of cruciferous and other leafy green vegetables far outweigh the possibility of developing stones; and if the diet is balanced, as we recommend, and the majority of these vegetables are eaten raw, your risks are greatly lowered. But if you have stones, definitely start including the above foods and juices in your diet.

What are the benefits of cranberry juice?

Cranberries have high levels of potassium and are low in sodium, and their juice helps to support normal kidney, bladder and urinary tract functions. There is also a specific type of tannin (plant chemical) found only in cranberries and blueberries that prevents bacteria from sticking to the walls of the bladder and causing infection.

Another valuable substance found in cranberry juice is quinic acid. Because this compound does not break down in the body, it remains unchanged when excreted in the urine and its presence turns the urine acidic enough to prevent calcium from combining with oxalic or phosphoric acid to form kidney stones. In a study of persons with recurrent kidney stones, cranberry juice was found to reduce ionized calcium in their urine by more than 50 percent—very beneficial, when you consider that 75–85 percent of most kidney stones are made up of calcium salts.*

Can I continue the greens product after the Purification Program?

Once you are done with the Purification Program you can start using the Cruciferous Complete product as a maintenance product. However, if you have a potbelly (Liver body type), you should stay on the Cruciferous Complete until you achieve your ideal weight, as Liver types need higher doses of this supplement. Many people take the Cruciferous Complete product as a multivitamin-mineral supplement and those who don’t eat cruciferous foods use it as a substitute for these vegetables in their diet.

What about a fruit or vegetable juice cleanse?

No way - all that concentrated juice is far too much sugar. I used to juice every day and my health started going downhill. When you eat fruits or vegetables, eat the whole thing. I will say, though, out of all the juices, carrot is the least damaging; but drinking carrot juice in such a concentrated form still gives you too much sugar. Do vegetable smoothies instead.

What can I do for caffeine withdrawal?

Realize it will only last one to two days - three days at the most. This can happen with some people when they start the Purification Program, particularly if they come off coffee cold turkey. Just schedule this change when you are home over a weekend so you don’t get too irritable with those around you.

What about decaffeinated coffee?

It is okay in small amounts if it’s water processed and organic. Commercial decaf is filled with chemicals.

What about occasional alcoholic beverages?

Alcohol definitely sets the liver back by several days. The least damaging alcoholic beverage is low-carb light beer. The next is a white wine. Some people have the idea that drinking wine will help give them antioxidants. Yes, it may, but the damage to their livers is a bigger concern. You might also say, “People in Europe consume wine. Why can’t I?” In most cases, Europeans have not been damaged by growth hormones. Their bodies are stronger and can handle small amounts of wine. If your hormone system is weak, you don’t have this option yet.

How do I keep the weight off, now
that I’ve lost it?

The goal of this program is to stabilize your organs so you can keep the weight off. The problem is not your weight; it’s your hormones. This is a lifestyle change, and as you get healthier, going back to junk food won’t feel right because your taste buds won’t be able to tolerate much sugar.

What is the biggest reason
why people gain the weight right back?

They lose weight and don’t continue a good eating program long enough to achieve full stabilization of a healthy body.