Why We Need to Detox

Our body is designed to function and maintain itself at high level of health. You have to realize that being sick is not normal and it is not the natural state of the body. Every day we contact millions of viruses and only the tiniest fraction of these encounters ever lead to disease. It means that we much closer to perfect health than we realize.

So then why are we not all healthy?


Modern society has created an environment full of preservatives, toxins, processed foods, drugs & medication. Offensive toxins are entering the body faster than what the body’s natural detoxification system was designed to cope with.

The reason for this is that 10,000 years ago there was simply no man made environmental toxins and at that stage of our evolution 99% of our genetic makeup had already been formed.

The body’s natural detoxification system had simply not evolved to deal with the man made pollutants. So because of this, toxins mixed with the body’s fluids overflow the body and start to build up and accumulate throughout the body, causing it malfunction and developing symptoms.


With the increase of toxins within the environment and foods we eat, it is not surprising that the majority of people are at a level of toxicity that is past the point that the body’s own natural detoxification system can cope with.

When these symptoms are suppressed and the root cause not dealt with, then disease follows.

What Our Body Needs


The body is a self-regenerating, self- functioning and self-repairing mechanism. If you give the body what it needs it will function precisely as designed, which includes healing most anything that goes wrong.

We ingest so many toxins these days. High chemical toxicity is one of the major causes of all human chronic diseases. What screws up our health is malnutrition, junk food, impure water, lack of physical, too much stress, exercise, alcohol, drugs and cigarettes. When you regularly do all these things, your body becomes much like a swamp. Did you ever stand next to a swamp and smell the air? It stinks. That's because all kind of garbage is accumulating in there. Bacteria is growing in there and causing everything to rot. The same thing happens in your body and joints when too much toxins there.

You will learn about
different cleansing methods
were used for thousands of years,
how toxins inhibit your health,
why we need to detox and where toxins come from.