The Body Health Depends on

Nutrition You Take


“Your food shall be your remedies and your remedies shall be your food.”

Our questionable diet creates stress in our body. Toxic chemicals, air pollution, radiation, artificial polymers, hormones in our meat and dairy, and pesticides and chlorine in our drinking water are just a few of the man-made hazards we all face. Fast-food hamburgers have been shown to contain traces of over 100 pesticides. Even the common practice of microwaving in plastic containers imbues our food with toxins. From whatever the source, these chemicals burden our liver with the task of detoxifying, a process that uses up some of our stores of essential nutrients.

We know some of the basics and are learning more each year, concerning the function of body parts, and how we are put together. One obvious, glaring fact is that we cannot continue to abuse and over use the body and expect it to function at a premium, 100% level all of the time. If you don't make time for a healthy lifestyle, then you need to plan and schedule time to be sick.

You’ll learn in this guide

how the nutritional deficiency leads to disease.