Toxins Inhibit Your Health


A toxin enters the body. The immune system's first defense is to expel the toxin. This is accomplished through sweat, saliva, urine, feces, earwax, menstruation, sinuses nose, eyes.

If that toxin went through this first line of defense due to either the strength of the toxin, the high quantity of the toxin, or the weakness of that immune system, the body's second line of defense gets to work. Now inflammation sets in. This is when the person is diagnosed with some kind of "inflammation of." For example, colitis is inflammation of the colon, tonsillitis is inflammation of the tonsils, and dermatitis is inflammation of the derma or the skin, and so on.

If the immune system still cannot handle the toxin, the body will create spaces outside of the cell in which to put the toxin. In this manner, the body does not allow the toxin inside the cell. These spaces will act as holding tanks so the body can deal with the toxic invasion a little at a time. Examples are cysts, swellings, puffy fat cells, and benign tumors. Typical diagnoses are colon polyps, ovarian cysts, fibroid tumors, and obesity to name a few. Beyond this point real trouble occurs.


The toxin enters the cell, and it may do severe damage that doesn’t allow the cell to do its job. It may also do damage to the DNA of the cell, which leads to the creation of sick, malfunctioning organs.

If these sick cells continue to duplicate they might turn into cancerous cell. The use of medical drugs to handle the symptoms of disease up until the toxin invades the cell, only serves to weaken the immune system's ability to handle the toxin, and, in effect, pushes the toxin deeper into the organ/tissue. Remember, symptoms are the expression of immune system function. When the symptom goes away with the use of a chemical drug, it means that the illness cured or it just gone deeper into the body only to show up its ugly head some time later.

In my clinic I find 90% of people

experiencing these issues:

  • Your body’s lacking in vital, necessary nutrients - essential fats, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, enzymes and probiotics…

  • Your metabolism, your ability to create energy and burn fuel is suppressed. Which is why you feel tired and gain weight.

  • You’re not sleeping soundly. You have insomnia. When you do sleep, it’s not restful and you wake easily.

  • You’re experiencing chronic stress mentally, emotionally and physically.You lack a way to release it built up in your body.

  • You’re taking over-the-counter or prescription medicine, causing additional unwanted side effects.

  • You’re not exercising enough, or maybe too much - creating a sluggish and/or over-stressed environment in your body.


As you continue absorbing toxins your symptoms will only get worse and worse. In fact, most people mistake these symptoms as signs of aging and rationalize them away as a normal part of getting older.

Don't Blame Your Age, Blame Your Life Style!!!