Thyroid and Healthy Heart


One could have inherited a heart problem of any kind due to genetics, or there can be other reasons you need to discover as the cause. But many thyroid patients have discovered that their heart issues were directly related to being hypothyroid, or having problems with their cortisol or iron levels contributing to continued hypothyroidism.

Why do our hearts suffer?

The answer for many appears to be from low levels of T3 the active thyroid hormone. Your heart’s health and your entire cardiovascular system are highly dependent on adequate levels of T3 for its well-being. T3 improves contraction and thus cardiac output, for one. So if it’s low, output goes down. T3 keeps your metabolism running well, which helps clear out excess arterial fatty deposits. So if it’s low, cholesterol and fatty acids go up. Low thyroid means high cholesterol. But taking statin drugs makes everything worse.

In this program you’ll learn about:

  • What causes Atrial Fibrillation

  • What cortisol or iron issues have to do with Atrial Fibrillation

  • How hypothyroidism increases your blood pressure