The Difference between

Bacteria and Virus


“There is only knowledge, more or less hidden.”
Gene Wolfe

A vast majority of people are of the view that both bacteria and viruses are germs that cause harm to human beings. They think that viruses and bacteria belong to same category that causes infections to us. It is a wrong perception however. Bacteria and viruses are two very different infectious agents and it is extremely important for us to know their features to be able to ward off infections and to remain healthy.

Your body is a multi-cellular organism made up of perhaps 100 trillion cells. The cells in your body are fairly complicated machines. Each one has a nucleus, energy production equipment, etc.

In this program you will learn:

  • What organism is bacteria

  • What is virus

  • What is the principal difference between them

  • Why anti-viral vaccines can slow down reproduction of viruses but cannot destroy them altogether

  • What is the main obstacle for viruses penetrate

  • What is the biggest thing that lowers cell resistance

  • Link stress and viruses