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Ragland’s Test – Home Blood Pressure Test

You can test integridy of your adrenals in the comfort of your home. Using postural test is an easy way to know how your adrenals work. Lie flat on your back and after several minutes take your blood pressure and record it. Leave the blood pressure cuff on your arm and immediately stand up. Take the blood pressure again as soon as you are standing and record it.

  • If your adrenal glands are working properly, you blood pressure (the systolic or first number) will rise.

  • If it drops five points or less, you are experiencing mild adrenal weakness.

  • If it drops five to ten points, your adrenal glands are in worse shape.

  • If it drops more than ten points, you are bordering adrenal failure.

You’ll learn in this program about
saliva test and how to read it.