Sweet Potato Chips



  • 2-3 sweet potatoes cut very thinly (I used a mandolin for this)
  • 1-2 tsp melted coconut oil per sweet potato
  • A generous amount of unrefined celtic salt


  • Peel and slice sweet potatoes as thinly as possible.
  • Place in a bowl and soak in water for 1 hour, changing the water at the half hour point.
  • Place on a towel to dry a bit.
  • Drizzle coconut oil on them. Stir and coat evenly.
  • Generously season your sweet potatoes with unrefined sea salt.
  • Place the sweet potatoes into a dehydrator and dehydrate at 145-155°F for about 12 hours.
  • Check your potatoes periodically to get your desired crispness.
  • If using an oven, turn on lowest setting and leave the door slightly open.
  • Place sweet potatoes onto a cake cooking rack so that it gets proper ventilation on all sides.
  • Cook until desired crispness.