Sunshine and Sleep


“Our health is something we often take for granted. But, there are some things in life that should never be taken for granted. Take care of yourself.”
Catherine Pulsifer

Sunlight is very good for our immune system and overall health if it is in moderation.

The human body depends on a natural body hormone called melatonin to enhance sleep. In order to boost melatonin output it is known that daily exposure to natural sunlight is a necessity. Manufactured supplements and artificial lights are a weak substitute, and are not worth the effort. The best way to get the melatonin your body needs is to get daily sun exposure.

Nevertheless, there are other benefits of getting adequate sunlight. Sunlight is a potent germ killer. That is why in the olden days people laid their blankets, quilts, and other items out in the sun to be sterilized. Sunlight also gives the skin a healthy glow and makes it smooth and malleable if it is in moderation.

A sense of well-being is also attributed to sunlight along with the elevation of mood in most people. Although sun exposure is very beneficial, you must remember to use moderation when you expose yourself to direct sunlight. Acute and chronic depression can also be treated with sunshine along with exercise. Have you ever wondered why we feel so gloomy on a rainy day? During the winter months, try to get as much sunshine as possible.

In this program you’ll learn about:

  • Why vitamin D is very important

  • What foods you can get vitamin D from

  • What is the best way to get vitamin D

  • Why I am an advocate to get direct sunlight