Stress Is Not Enemy


Stress is an energy that stocks in the body and keeps that negative energy for long time until it is being released. It is accumulative: it is really doesn’t matter if you are stressed because of job, divorce, car accident, financial problems, you will get the same reaction. Adrenals get stock with old injuries, infections, diseases. Stress is a form of emotional instability that leads to disease.

Stress is valuable when you know how to use it. Is stress a good thing? Stress has a bad reputation, and it doesn’t deserve it. Too many books and stress reduction guides tell us that if we want to be happy and healthy, we need to “get rid of” or “reduce” stress. Unfortunately, trying to eliminate stress from your life or trying to stop feeling stressed usually creates more stress.

When we understand what’s going on in our brain when we experience stress, each of us can understand stress - and how to manage it - in a completely new way.

You’ll learn in this guide about

what stress tells you and

how to understand this message.