Strength Training


“Our health is something we often take for granted. But, there are some things in life that should never be taken for granted. Take care of yourself.”
Catherine Pulsifer

As you age your muscle mass diminishes, and strength training is one of the best ways to replace the lean muscle mass that you’ve lost. If you don’t challenge your muscles in this way, the percentage of fat in your body will keep increasing while your muscle mass will keep decreasing. So strength training is of extreme importance as you get older, but should ideally be done regularly throughout your life to both preserve and enhance your muscle mass.

Did you know that muscle weighs more than fat?

Some (usually women) will tend to panic a bit when they see the number on their scale go UP instead of down, but don't worry. These heavier muscles are tight and trim, and take up less space on your frame than an equal weight of fat does. So you're really slimming down, although you may be gaining a few pounds.

Do you know how to do weight training exercises

the right way? I’ll explain.

Weight training exercises will rapidly push you to anaerobic metabolism because you are using so many of your muscles. They can give you great abs, reduced body fat, better sleep, increased endorphin production (natural pain killers), increased bone density and your functional strength. It can also increase the strength of all the muscles in your body because of its powerful effects on stimulating growth hormone.