Qigong Exercises for Your Health


“The first wealth is health.”

Qigong is the Chinese art of manipulating energy flow throughout the body to achieve mental, spiritual and physical wellness. The word qi (pronounced "chee") literally translates in Chinese to "breath," or "air". However, it is commonly used to represent the life force energy that runs along certain channels throughout the body. Gong stands for the developing of a skill set through focused practice. Qigong masters believe that illnesses result from a disruption, or leak, in the energy's flow. Qigong uses gentle movements, meditation and breathing techniques to increase circulation of the life force, and return balance to the individual. Qigong optimizes the body's homeostatic function by relaxing the central nervous system, freeing the mind from distractions and creating a state of inner stillness.

I’ll explain about Five Facets of Qigong Training, what body parts benefit from particular exercise and what is Qigong Healing Sounds Exercise for the Whole Body.