Alternative Treatment

for Prostate Cancer


While prostate cancer is common, it does have a close to a 90 percent survival rate after being diagnosed. Of the 221,800 men diagnosed each year, 27,500 die from the disease. There was a study done in England recently, showing that if you do absolutely nothing about prostate cancer, you will live just as long as if you did conventional treatment.

To determine prostate cancer, a biopsy is usually done. To do the biopsy, a needle is inserted into your prostate about a dozen times, which tends to cause severe bleeding. Many doctors also still use basic ultrasound to locate the suspected area of the prostate, so there's the risk of missing the cancerous area altogether.

According to some doctors “Biopsy is invasive, unsafe test that can cause significant damage. When they go in and they take a core and the core comes out, cancer cells get a chance to come out of the prostate. There's a chance of the cancer spreading more quickly if you do a biopsy than if you don't. Perhaps, they've even introduce pathogens into the prostate through the biopsy.”

In this program you’ll learn about:

  • What to do instead of prostate biopsy

  • What choices you have in terms of treatments

  • How important the emotional component of prostate cancer