Step 3: Post Purification Program


“There is no magic. There is only knowledge,
more or less hidden.”
Gene Wolfe

It is designed to help develop overall lifestyle and diet changes for a successful transition for a long term wellness. Once you feel better after doing Purification Program you will want to continue lifestyle you just learned with some adjustments. During post-purification, you'll begin to define your "new normal" with a healthy diet and supplements that will help meet your nutritional and lifestyle needs.

The best disease prevention strategies are free, but rarely publicized. A state of health can only be achieved through cause and effect. If you want the effect of being healthy, you need to find the causes and follow them. This philosophy is in direct opposition to the more conventional philosophy of medicine that believes disease is a matter of bad luck, where people have "risks" of disease that only occur by chance.

If you wish to be healthy,

there are certain things you can do

that reliably and consistently

produce a healthy outcome.

And if you wish to be diseased,

there are other things you can do

to reliably and consistently

produce disease.

It is your choice!!!

You’ll learn about healthy life style that will

maintain your optimal health and

prevent chronic diseases in the future.