Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis,

Musculoskeletal Problems


(3-9 /day)


It is a special formula that supports Osteoarthritis. Ostarplex contributes to skeletal system health. It supports bone and joint function as well as repair. Read more.




It is a special formula that supports Rheumatoid Arthritis. Rumaplex supports the whole body functioning and inflammation in joints also. Read more.

Glucosamine Synergy



Glucosamine is the foundational component of articular cartridge. It contains glucosamine sulfate needed for joint and cartilage health. It combines herb Boswellia with vitamins, minerals, and glucosamine to help maintain healthy joint function. Read more.




It is a liver detoxifier, specifically for the type of liver that arthritics have. Arthritics have sluggish livers. It supports flushes toxins from the liver. Also, it is used for arthritis, reduced joint stiffness and swelling. Read more.

Ligaplex 1



It is the first product considered for an acute strain/sprain muscle and ligaments. It contains nutrients that provide acute ligament and muscle support. It supports the body's normal connective-tissue repair and synthesis processes, healthy joints and muscles and bone growth and the synthesis of cartilage. Read more.

Ligaplex II



Ligaplex II is an important product in assisting in the repair of muscle, chronic degenerative joint problems and disc herniations. It supports tissue and joints to maintain connective-tissue health, especially for long-term support. This is beneficial for geriatric and degenerative processes. Read more.

OPS Synergy



OPC Synergy is rich in the vitamins, minerals and enzymes that keep free radicals in check. It contains a combination of grape seed extract, buckwheat, red wine extract, green tea extract and bilberry. OPC is far superior to current antioxidants available. It restores collagen strength and elasticity, supports healthy cardiovascular function, and healthy brain function.
Read more.

Cod Liver Oil



Cod Liver Oil is essential omega-3 fatty oil. Standard Process Cod Liver Oil addresses vitamin A deficiency and vitamin D deficiency while supporting the body’s healthy immune response function. Careful processing ensures this cod liver oil maintains its natural profile of vitamin A, vitamin D, omega-3 fatty acids, and a small amount of coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10). Read more.




ProSynbiotic (probiotic) is gastrointestinal support product that combines digestive enzymes with natural intestinal flora. The combination of these ingredients assists in the breakdown of macronutrients and maintains a healthy intestinal and support immune system. It is a synergistic blend of four research-supported probiotic strains and two prebiotic fibers to support gut flora and overall intestinal health.
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I strongly recommend using 1-3 herbs from MediHerb,

especially in the early phases of treatment.

Boswella Complex



Boswellia Complex contains Boswellia, Celery Seed, Ginger and Turmeric. These herbs provide many phytochemicals including the boswellic acids, several essential oils, flavonoids, gingerols and yellow pigments curcumin. Read more.

Turmeric 1:1

(1 teaspoon/day)


Turmeric is liquid extract that maintains and supports healthy joints and contains an essential oil and yellow pigments curcumin. Read more.

Ginger 1:2

(2.5 ml/day)


Ginger is liquid extract that maintains and supports healthy joints and contains an essential oil terpenoids, gingerols and other compounds. Read more.

Nettle Root 1:2

(1 teaspoon/day)


Nettle Leaf is liquid extract that maintains and supports healthy joints and contains flavonol glycosides, vitamins, minerals, silicon and other compounds. Read more.

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