Neuromuscular Massage Therapy for

Musculoskeletal Problems


“I cannot teach anybody anything.
I can only make them think”

It's a sad situation that physicians know nothing about hands-on therapies. When it is reasonable, hands- on therapies produce outright cures. Yet cures are definitely not where the money is. Since drug companies have a major influence on what is taught in medical schools and what is practiced in doctors' offices, it is easy to see why hands-on therapies are ignored. The real money is not in the cure, it is in the management of patients for life with drugs.

The holistic treatment for chronic pain

is no longer alternative - it is becoming

the standard.

The reason is simple - pain killers

are dangerous.

Today you simply cannot use

these drugs routinely -

and especially not for the long haul.

Rather you must actually treat

the underlying cause of the pain

to eliminate it or make it livable.

For the problems for which

most of drugs are prescribed

you will need to rebuild

the deteriorated tissues.

By starting on a protocol to rebuild tissues,

you can eliminate the need for these drugs

and their dangers

within three to twelve months.

There really no alternative.

There is time for surgery and drugs and there is not. Let’s face it. When you tear knee up or break your neck or back in an accident skiing or whatever- thank goodness for great surgeons. But thousands upon thousands of surgeries for sore knees neck and back? When you realize that for many cases, these surgeries have been proven to be ineffective, you have to rethink your surgery plans. This kind of surgery should be avoided except in specific and last resort cases.

The treatment must be directed at the cause. One of the very best therapies for that is Neuromuscular Massage Therapy. It is effective program of the soft tissue manipulation that balances the central nervous system with musculoskeletal system. It explains how pain initiates in our body and what real cause of the pain is.

If you have a neck, shoulder, elbow, hand, finger, or anything-in-between problem, use this therapy before you embarks on surgery or years of drugs. You owe it to yourself to use this kind of therapy first.

You’ll learn in this guide everything

you need to know about

Neuromuscular Massage Therapy.