Menstrual Cramps


(2 tablets 3-4x/day or more

if needed; up to 2 every hour)


Cramplex contains a combination of the following herbs: Cramp Bark, Corydalis, Ginger, Raspberry Leaf and Wild Yam. It provides antispasmodic activity to ease occasional spasms of smooth muscle including those associated with the menstrual cycle. Read more.

Hypothalamus PMG


Hypothalamus PMG helps your brainstem communicate with your testes. Read more.




Ovex contains Cytosol extract from bovine ovary and vitamin C and is used for menstrual irregularity, excessive flow, and post-menopausal syndrome. It supports female androgen producing functions.
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Prolamine Iodine

(1-5 tablets/day or more)


Prolamine Iodine is used for hyper/hypothyroidism, diminished secretions, menopausal/hot flash symptoms, PMS, breast tenderness, lumpiness and fibrocystic breasts and iodine therapy. Hot flashes for menopausal women are one of the most popular uses of this product. Read more.

Magnesium Lactate



It contains magnesium to support cellular functions and provides cofactor support for more than 300 enzymes and promotes cellular energy production needed to relax all forms of muscle. It is required for proper use of calcium, helps calm the nervous system and menstrual cramps. It will relax the uterus in case of cramps. Read more.

Calcium Lactate

(1tsp. /day)


Smooth muscles cramps may be aggravated by calcium and vitamin F deficiency. Calcium Lactate is highly soluble form of calcium from a nondairy vegetable source and contains the proper balance of calcium and magnesium (5:1 ratio). It is blended with magnesium citrate, thus providing balancing magnesium and making the product slightly acid for better absorption and assimilation. This is not a dairy product as it contains no whey or lactose and is safe for people allergic to milk products. Read more.

Cataplex F



Vitamin F is another name for unsaturated fatty acids, a form of fat nutrition. Vitamin F acts a middleman for the distribution of calcium to muscles and cells of your body. Read more.

Cataplex D



Cataplex D (Vitamin D) supports bone health, mineral absorption, the immune system, and cellular processes. Vitamin D is largely misunderstood because very few people need it in the form of a supplement alone.
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If you suffer from chronic menstrual cramps,
a combination of Cataplex F, Cataplex D and Calcium Lactate is the treatment of choice.

Symplex F



It supports the healthy function of ovaries, adrenal, pituitary, and thyroid glands. It contains a combination of key ingredients from Ovatrophin PMG, Drenatrophin PMG, Pituitrophin PMG, and Thytrophin PMG. It promotes healthy adrenal, sex hormones and thyroid function. Read more.

Spanish Black Radish



Provides support and detoxification for liver and gallbladder function and encourages healthy digestion. It helps to drain toxins and congestion in order to heal the body. Read more.




FemCo contains White Peony, Shatavari and Schisandra. FemCo can help to support women's general well-being and vitality, support normal reproductive function in women and more. Read more.




Tribulus contains an extract of Tribulus herb and supports normal reproductive function in men and women, promotes vitality and stamina, etc. Read more.

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