Medical Massage Therapy for

Stress Relieve


“The greatest weapon against stress is
our ability to choose one thought over another.”
William James

Stress gets reflected in the form of firmness and stiffness in muscles – also known as tone. This tension restricts the supply of oxygen, leading to accumulation of lactic acid and waste products in these muscles. After prolonged periods of stress, this results in soreness and pains in muscles. Prolonged periods of tension weaken the muscles. When one muscle gets weakened, its opposing muscle is also compromised; slowly it also gives in. It results in lack of coordination between various body parts – muscles, connecting tendons, joints, etc.

Since musculoskeletal system consumes largest share of body’s energy, this imbalance brings about a state of chronic fatigue and tiredness. Have you ever noticed how a person develops a slump after long periods of tension and stress? Medical massage relieves stress by improving blood circulation through the manipulation of body’s soft tissues. It brings in fresh nutrients, releases accumulated toxics, releases pain and strengthens muscles.

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