Energy Crisis


“It is always better to have no ideas than false ones;
to believe nothing, than
to believe what is wrong.”
Thomas Jefferson

Why are we so tired? Why do we have such an energy crisis? We run out of resources. We continually use them up, without replacing them at least to the proportions we utilize them. As with our global resources, the body's resources have to be replenished.

When we run out of resources, typically, we run after quick solutions. These quick solutions, although they work well at the time, do nothing to restore our resources, and eventually become more of the problem than the solution. For example, we drink coffee or energy drinks to give us a lift. Initially, they work well - we get that added lift. It wakes us up, makes our brains more clear (so we think - research shows that to be a false illusion), and we feel like we have more energy to go about our day. But eventually, that no longer works. So we just ramp it up. We get stronger coffee drinks, or add more energy drinks or sodas to our day. The problem seems solved. Some research shows that caffeine is beneficial (follow the money on the studies and the truth becomes clearer), but clinical experience shows quite the opposite. These drinks interfere with proper function and over time actually make you more tired.

In this program you’ll learn:

  • What are the other ways of coping with energy loss

  • What can we do to turn our energy around