Step 2: Detoxification


When you have your health, you have everything. When you do not have your health, nothing else matters at all. Augusten Burroughs

You will learn about body detoxification process. It is very important to know because when it comes to maintaining good health, as well as fighting and warding off disease and illness, no organ is more important to us than the liver - the body's toxic disposal plant. Liver is the foundation of your body’s ability to detoxify. Most people change the oil and filter in their car every 5,000 miles. But they don't think twice about neglecting their body filter (liver) for an entire lifetime.

Unlike a car filter, your liver is designed to detoxify and cleanse itself if it is giving sources it needs. But the liver can easily be overwhelmed and kept from performing its own self-detoxifying procedures. A toxic liver will cause just about every kind of health problem imaginable. The effects of this can be so slow and cumulative; you can mistake them for poor health.

So, detoxify your body,

stop giving your liver poison and

start giving what it needs

to cleanse itself!