How to Eliminate Sweet and

Carb Cravings Quickly


“It is always better to have no ideas than false ones;
to believe nothing, than to believe what is wrong”
Thomas Jefferson

Cravings are one type of energy drain that keeps us from living the life we want. They make us feel controlled by something outside ourselves. We all have cravings from time to time and some people have more than others.

In the beginning of implementing new health goals, we are often so motivated that we jump right in and stick to our goals. Maybe you created a plan for yourself and you were diligently taking action and seeing results. Then something had a busy week at home or at work. Or you had a hard time sleeping for a few nights. Maybe you got into a fight with your spouse. Or perhaps you were out with friends over the weekend when they stopped at Dairy Queen for super-sized sundaes. The thing is life and it gets busy and sometimes, we take our eyes off the prize. We get tempted to do something “normal.” We wonder why we can’t just have fun, like everyone else. And food is part of that fun in our culture, isn’t it?

Can you go anywhere these days without being tempted to have baked goods, salty snacks, fast food or mocha lattes with whipped cream and caramel? Do your kids, spouse or friends tempt you by asking if you want a treat, with delight on their face as if there’s nothing more exciting than that trip to McDonald’s? In our culture, we are bombarded by convenience food, processed food and so-called-delicious options wherever we turn, so it’s no surprise that we’d feel seduced by our taste buds now and again.

Sugar cravings are the #1 killer of diets all across the planet. They come out of nowhere and destroy even the best of dietary intentions and solutions. Based on USDA estimates the average American consumes 12 teaspoons of sugar a day, which equates to about TWO TONS of sugar during a lifetime. Why we eat this much sugar is not difficult to understand - it tastes good, and it gives us pleasure by triggering a process in your brain via dopamine.

When you eat refined carts, sugars, sodas or enriched and fortified foods, etc., you are being nutritionally mugged. Refined carbs include most commercial white/wheat and enriched flour products such as white bread, pasta and white rice, as well as most other commercially prepared breads and baked goods. Sugar-laden foods include candy, ice-cream, cookies, regular and artificially sweetened (diet) sodas, alcohol, high-fructose drinks, as well as most packaged foods labels low fat, including low fat milk. All these foods and drinks share similar quality - they are all quite addictive. The results:

  • Increased sweet and carb cravings

  • Decreased ability to burn the fuel for energy

  • Constant fuel and energy crisis

  • Unstable mood and energy

  • Abnormal ups and downs of insulin and cortisol

  • Weight gain and accelerated aging and risk of diabetes


Beating those strong sugar cravings is essential to living a healthy life and achieving and maintaining your goals. But anyone who’s ever been addicted to anything; drugs, alcohol or cigarettes, will tell you, kicking an addiction is hard. While it certainly isn’t easy, here are a few tips to help you along the way. I want to provide you with cravings tips that work in my own life, in my clients’ lives and they will help you with cravings also.

Before recovering from my food addictions,

I never thought it was possible to live

a craving free life. I was literally led

around by my cravings. More often than not,

you’d find me in the kitchen searching for

a taste that I’d never fulfill, no matter

how much I ate. Over the years,

I’ve learned a lot about how to beat

cravings and today, I’m happy to say that

I can sit right next to my friends and

my husband while they eat their

super-sized sundaes and never feel

a hint of their seduction.

So, I’ll teach you a really easy system. The cool thing is this system really empowers you. You can choose to create your health as you see fit. You do not have to be a victim to what foods are around, what someone else has or what foods you may have liked in the past. You can consciously create your own health and your own physiology as you choose and deem best. That is so great in itself, as there’s so much guilt, shame and blame that we often feel when we choose the wrong food. We often feel that it’s some personal lack or moral deficit that’s holding us back. Those feelings become a spiral of self-defeating beliefs and behaviors. When you can step away from that and liberate your energy toward your health, positive efforts, the things you really want to do in your life and the connections with your loved ones, it’s incredible.


In this program instead of letting cravings sabotage your health goals, I will reveal my secrets that help me beat cravings:

  • How underactive thyroid gland affects your cravings

  • How low cortisol results in cravings for sweets as energy pick up

  • Why female hormonal imbalance leads to carbs cravings

  • How the yeast over-population feeds to sweet cravings

  • Why eating too little affects your cravings

  • Why adding more fiber, a good fat and protein is an excellent idea

  • How fructose limitation works on your cravings

  • Are "low-fat" or "fat-free" foods good

  • How exercises affect your cravings

  • Why reducing stress helps with cravings

  • How to develop a new habit