Heart Problems and

Nutritional Deficiency


“Each patient carries his own doctor inside him.”
Norman Cousins, Anatomy of an Illness

Nutritional deficiencies are often involved in developing most chronic problems, since adequate nutrients are needed to function properly. The main cause of heart problem is a lack of proper nutrients. Daily, your body needs the minerals, vitamins, enzymes and essential fats to function. It takes all the elements to build sound bodies. Only a dash of trace minerals may be required, but unless that dash is supplied, the building process is impaired and the foundation laid for heart problem.

Protect the Heart with Diet!

Always remember that your body can heal most heart problems if it has the raw materials to work with and physical obstructions have been removed or alleviated. If you have chronic heart problems and a lack of sufficient enzymes and nutrients to rebuild heart, your body will deteriorate. When the right nutrients are introduced, your heart will strengthen and the calcium buildup and hardening of the other tissues will resolve. This phenomenon is most critical with heart patients.

In fact, I learned from the wisest of all the biochemists, nutritionists, inventors, and heart care pioneers,
Dr. Royal Lee, that the heart is the most responsive organ in the body to proper nutritional therapy.

A healthy heart needs a critical supply of specific whole complex nutrients that can heal people with even advanced stage. Synthetic vitamins routinely fail to address the underlying cause of heart disease. Whole vitamin complexes are made from whole food. The whole A, B, C, and E complexes are combined in whole food supplements to heal heart problems.

In this program you’ll learn about:

  • What micronutrients your heart needs

  • Why your heart is the most responsive organ to proper nutritional therapy