Phosfood Liquid

(30-60 drops take with

full glass of water)


Phosfood Liquid encourages a healthy blood calcium-phosphorus ratio. Phosfood Liquid is needed for high blood viscosity, calcium stones and calcification, where it is not supposed to be. Phosfood Liquid is for gout.
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A-C Carbamide



It supports healthy fluid transfer among tissues. Carbamide is an "osmotic diuretic." It is the osmotic pressure that prevents further fluid reabsorption so that large amounts of tubular fluid flush on into the urine. Carbamide lowers the osmotic pressure. Read more.




Arginex is an excellent kidney and bladder-detoxifying product. It's made from a culture grown on beet pulp and rice bran. It contains the enzyme arginase, necessary for the detoxification of arginine from the kidneys which are a buildup in the kidneys as a by-product of protein metabolism. It is good for gout.
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Renatrophin PMG



Renatrophin PMG is designed to support healthy kidney gland function. It provides nucleoprotein-mineral extracts that support cellular health. It helps to heal kidney tissue in order to release uric acid from the body. Read more.


I strongly recommend using 1-3 herbs from MediHerb,

especially in the early phases of treatment.

Boswella Complex



Boswellia Complex contains Boswellia, Celery Seed, Ginger and Turmeric. These herbs provide many phytochemicals including the boswellic acids, several essential oils, flavonoids, gingerols and yellow pigments curcumin. Read more.

Turmeric 1:1

(1 teaspoon/day)


Turmeric is liquid extract that maintains and supports healthy joints and contains an essential oil and yellow pigments curcumin. Read more.

Ginger 1:2

(2.5 ml/day)


Ginger is liquid extract that maintains and supports healthy joints and contains an essential oil terpenoids, gingerols and other compounds. Read more.

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