Gallbladder Stones




It assists in fat metabolism in the liver. It supports the action of bile salts by reducing the surface tension of fat particles, making them more easily emulsified by the bile salts. Read more.




It is an excellent gallbladder and liver decongestant and used for the mobilization of bile. It supports fat metabolism, thinning and mobilization of bile. It is source of naturally occurring betaine from young growing beet leaves and roots that helps with congestion and movement of bile and digestion of fats. Read more.




Livaplex is foundational support for the liver and gallbladder. It is a special formula product containing a combination of ingredients from of A-F Betafood, Hepatrophin PMG, Betacol, Spanish Black Radish, Chezyn and Antronex. This product is effective because of its synergistic combination of ingredients, as well as combined systemic functions. Read more.

Phosfood Liquid

(30-60 drops take with full glass of water)


Phosfood Liquid encourages a healthy blood calcium-phosphorus ratio. Phosfood Liquid is needed for high blood viscosity, calcium stones and calcification, where it is not supposed to be. Phosfood Liquid is for gallbladder stones and infections. Read more.

Disodium Phosphate



Disodium Phosphate is used for short-term support of the bowel and supports healthy elimination in case of severe constipation. It supports healthy purging and promotes intestinal motility in case to eliminate gallstones. Read more.

Spanish Black Radish



Provides support and detoxification for liver and gallbladder function and encourages healthy digestion. During phase two of detoxification, the liver converts toxic substances into less toxic that is easier for the body to excrete. If phase two enzymes cannot keep pace with metabolism, toxins can accumulate. Exposure to Spanish Black Radish increased the activity of glutathione, quinone, and thioredoxin, three enzymes involved in liver detoxification. Read more.


I strongly recommend using 1-3 herbs

from MediHerb,

especially in the early phases of treatment:

Livton Complex



Livton Complex contains five herbs: Globe Artichoke, Bupleurum, Dandelion Root, Milk Thistle and Fringe Tree. It supports healthy liver and gallbladder function, that helps support the digestive system and more.
Read more.

Milk Thistle 1:1

(1 teaspoon in water/day)


Milk Thistle contains flavanolignans, flavonoids and other compounds. Milk Thistle 1:1 supports normal bile secretion and healthy liver function and tissue integrity. Read more.

Dandelion Root 1:2

(1 teaspoon in water/day)


This herb contains lactones, phenolic acids, sterols, vitamins, minerals and other substances that together support healthy liver and gallbladder function by supporting bile production to digest fats, and by assisting the liver in natural filtration and neutralization of accumulated toxins. Read more.

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