“There is no magic. There is only knowledge, more or less hidden.”
Gene Wolfe

It is important to remember that your body is home to many hundreds of different kinds of bacteria, and there are several species of fungi that live in and on the body as well, so it is normal for your body to contain a certain number of Candida albicans yeast micro-organisms. We all need a tiny bit of it in our systems to maintain balance in our digestive tract. In a perfect world, our immune system keeps Candida in balance. Sometimes, however, Candida growth can reach a level where it overwhelms the immune system. In a healthy gut, it is kept under control by normal immune system activity and beneficial microbes such as intestinal lactobacilli, bifidobacteria, and others, including yeasts.

Initially, candida fungi are overgrown in the intestinal tract. There, the toxic waste they chemically produce (acetylaldahyde, the same chemical that causes a hangover), irritate and weaken the intestinal wall. Candida fungi have tiny "legs" which, as the intestinal wall becomes damaged, are able to "drill" holes in the intestinal wall, leading to poor digestion and "leaky gut syndrome".

These holes enable candida to travel throughout the body, over time establishing themselves systemically. They can colonize organs, your brain, and any place that may have a weakened environment making it an easy target to colonize. Depending on where these weaknesses are, candida produces different symptoms as it colonizes different areas in each person. As they don't need oxygen, they can move out of the circulation system to spots where the immune system, herbs and other candida killers cannot get to. This protects them from candida killers which may reduce candida overgrowth in spots with good circulation and enable candida to spread back into those spots once you stop the candida killing program.

This tiny yeast favors warmth, moisture and darkness, especially the genital area, to enable it to thrive and multiply, and if the conditions are right, it can and will grow and multiply rapidly and become a real nuisance and embarrassment! It can also thrive on the feet and under the toenails, under your arms and breasts and even in your ear canals and sinus regions.

In this program you’ll learn:

  • What is going on in the body with vaginitis

  • Why women have more severe candida overgrowth

  • What are symptoms

  • What are vaginal problems causes

  • What is candida yeast infection relief program

  • What is blood test

  • What are home remedies