Step 5: Burn Fat and Lose Weight


“As I see it, every day you do one of two things: build health or produce disease in yourself.”
Adelle Davis

I urge you to lose weight if you’re overweight. Body fat is not just a sluggish substance; it is metabolically active, capable of producing hormones and chemicals that actually increase levels of inflammation. By losing weight you’ll automatically reduce the level of inflammation in your body, prevent and support many chronic conditions.

Many people try desperately to recover those pretty and slim bodies from their teens. They fight fiercely to lose pounds, lead a secret war against the scale, and still do not succeed because they choose the wrong way.

I am going to discuss the most important thing. You’ve heard many times that obesity is health risk causing heart disease, diabetes, arthritis and stroke. That is right. People push the idea that fat directly causes these problems and you should lose weight so you can be healthier.

This is not true! It is just the opposite.

I used to believe it too, but in reality it doesn’t cause any of those problems. Weight is the symptom of failing body not a cause. You need to be healthy first before you can lose weight.

One of main reasons you can’t lose weight is imbalanced hormonal system. And Female Hormones to blame for it a lot of times.

There are over 600 different hormones in the body, each with a unique function. There is a strong interdependence between all of hormones. When one hormone is released, it affects many other hormones. This works by extensive feedback loops. For instance, if there is too much hormone secreted by a gland, it feeds back a message to another gland to slow its secretion and that can create a domino effect throughout the body's entire hormone balance and health overall. It is a system that cannot be micro-managed, yet everyone seems to be trying to do exactly that.

There is an uninterrupted connection

between Female Hormones

and other hormones in the body,

which is why we need to heal

all hormones in order to rebuild

Female Hormones.

You will discover effective ways to fixing your hormones naturally and uncover the reasons your hormones are working against your efforts and how you can “reset” them to feel good 24/7. Hormones are triggered or blocked by foods, exercise, stress and sleep.

There are two things that can happen with these

triggers. You can eat and exercise to heal your

body or you can eat and exercise to make it

weaker. The huge hidden problem is that some

people are confused by using the wrong

triggers and thus make things worse.

The program we’ll change that.

You we’ll learn how to lose weight and burn fat

permanently by your body type and become

healthier in the process.