Why Wearing Glasses Is Not

Very Good Idea


“You can set yourself up
to be sick, or you can
choose to stay well.”
Wayne Dyer

Keeping your eyesight sharp and fully functional is a very important endeavor for you. Out of your five senses, your eyes are the most important, since they allow you to navigate in the world. Unfortunately, due to misalignment of your ocular lenses, you may be suffering with various eye disorders that may cause you to lose your 20/20 vision. If you’ve suffering from impaired vision, and you think that wearing glasses or contact lenses are the only answer, then you could be right. However, there is also another viewpoint, originally discovered by the famous ophthalmology doctor, Dr. W.H Bates, who may know a few things that you’d like to consider. Dr. Bates believed that you can improve your vision naturally, through a variety of “eye exercises” that can retrain your ability to see with 20/20 vision.

Over three out of four people believe that their sight is the most important sense they have. This is probably related to the fact that about 80% of what we perceive through our senses comes in through our sight. Good eyesight plays a crucial role in your mobility and your enjoyment of life so it would certainly makes sense to optimize your eyesight as much as possible without the use of artificial and unnatural aids that will only worsen your vision with continued use.

While it is true that eyeglasses bring some people improved vision and relief from pain and discomfort, they always do more or less harm, and at their best they never improve your vision to normal. In fact, the constant use of glasses often contributes to the deterioration of vision by forcing the eyes to function in ways which ultimately weaken them.

In this program you’ll learn:

  • What are spheres and cylinders lenses and what they do

  • Why the wearing of glasses is not good idea for them

  • Why we don’t have a static unchanging visual impairment