The Dangers of Salt Restriction

If you have an advanced chronic kidney disease or other serious kidney or heart problems,
this article is not for you.

This article is helpful if you would like
to support healthy kidneys/bladder and
improve their condition.


Sodium Is Essential To Life

Salt provides two elements, sodium and chloride, that are essential for life. Your body cannot make these elements on its own, so you must get them from your diet. Sodium is crucial for maintaining the health of every cell in the human system. It fills the fluid between cells (often called the "extracellular fluid") and potassium exists mainly on the inside of the cells (in the intracellular fluid). These two minerals need to be in constant dynamic balance so nutrient and waste can take place across cell membranes. If either of these minerals is deficient or in excess, cell permeability becomes compromise and the health of all the cells suffers. So, natural salt is crucial in the following biological processes:

  • Being a major component of your blood plasma, lymphatic fluid, extracellular fluid

  • Carrying nutrients into and out of your cells

  • Helping maintain your acid-base balance

  • Both sodium and chloride are also necessary for the firing of neurons

  • Maintain and regulate blood pressure

  • Helping your brain communicate with your muscles, so that you can move on demand via sodium-potassium ion exchange. The heart, as you may know, is our hardest working muscle

  • Supporting the function of your adrenal glands, which produce dozens of vital hormones

  • Salt is also necessary for the production of hydrochloric acid, the digestive enzyme secreted by the stomach in order to digest protein.

Obtaining adequate, easily absorbable sodium from foods is important for maintaining health, but obtaining too much of the wrong kinds of sodium is harmful.

In this program

you we’ll learn about:

  • If salt really cause heart disease and kidney problems

  • Why salt restriction diet is still recommended

  • What factors should take place to make sodium beneficial

  • If all salts are created equal

  • Why sodium to potassium ratio is important

  • Why sugar is worse than salt for chronic problems