Congestive Heart Failure




Cardio-Plus helps support the cardiovascular system. Cardio-Plus is the product supreme for people with high blood pressure, heart muscle weakness, muscle atrophy, angina, congestive heart failure, heart arrhythmias, heart spasms, heart valve problems, clogged arteries, and anyone who has had a heart attack. Read more.




Vasculin is designed to support healthy functioning of the heart muscle, provides antioxidant activity, promotes healthy heart connective tissue and contains a combination of key ingredients from Cardiotrophin PMG, Cataplex E, Cataplex B, and Cataplex C. Vasculin is a cardiovascular support product for people with low blood pressure. Read more.

Cataplex B



Cataplex B complex contains the full, biologically active, phytonutrient B vitamins, including B4, which cannot be synthesized. It improves the transmission of nerve impulses to the vessels. Use this for heart conditions involving irregular heartbeat, fibrillation. Read more.




It contains the eight essential amino acids. Working together, the amino acids, minerals, enzymes, and vitamin C contained in Protefood interact throughout the human body to enhance exercises, support hormonal health, healthy cardiovascular function, immune response, bone development and protein metabolism. Read more.




Hawthorn – herb contains procyanidins, flavonoids and other compounds. The substances in Hawthorn work together to support the healthy functioning of the heart muscle. Read more.

Korean Ginseng 1:2

(1/2 teaspoon in water/day)


Korean Ginseng 1:2 is an adaptogenic herb that promotes vitality and stamina in people of any age and works as a tonic to benefit the entire body. It has been used literally for centuries. It improves the sex life, a libido booster and boosts testosterone as well.
Read more.

Rhodiola & Ginseng Complex



Rhodiola & Ginseng Complex contains Rhodiola and Korean Ginseng. Together these herbs and the substances within them combine to promote vitality and stamina, help maintain proper energy and support physical endurance. Read more.

If there is edema, fluid problems and high blood pressure, these supplements are included:




Renafood offers whole food support for healthy renal function. Renafood is for kidney detoxification and support. Read more.

AC Carbamide



A-C Carbamide supports healthy fluid transfer among tissues. Carbamide is an "osmotic diuretic." It is the osmotic pressure that prevents further fluid reabsorption so that large amounts of fluid flush on into the urine. Carbamide lowers the osmotic pressure. Read more.

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