Poor Immune System


The key to remember is that just being exposed to poisons does not have to mean that you'll get sick. If your immune system is operating at its peak, it should actually be quite easy for you to fend off the poisons without ever getting sick. You probably know that your immune system leads the battle against diseases. You may even know this defense system is the most complicated system in your body. If your immune system is impaired, it's like to having an open-door policy for allergens - they'll easily take hold in your body.

What can you do to prevent getting sick? How do you overcome your disease after you have it?
So the simple and short answer is you have your cancer due to a poorly functioning immune system. What is immune system?

The study of the human body probably began with our earliest ancestors, they must have been curious about their body. In ancient times, however, it was generally belief that natural processes were controlled by spirits and supernatural forces that human could not understand. About twenty five hundred years ago attitudes began to change, and the belief that humans could understand natural processes grew in popularity. They began asking more questions and seeking answers. In this way the stage was set for the development of modern science.

Big question is:

Who gets sick and who stays well?

We are sick because our body is out of balance and our immune system gets weak.
Everything we eat, say, think, do, see, feel, and dream affects our overall state of health.

In this program you’ll learn about:

  • How immune system works

  • Why we have such a weak immune response today

  • Why sterile environments can cause the immune system to be weaker

  • How the immune system protects us

  • What is immune system’s first line of defense

  • Are bacteria, viruses and other bugs to blame for illnesses we catch