Insufficient Amount Enzymes


“All life processes take place through the action of enzymes, and without them would be no life, such as we know it.”
Dr. John Beard, 1911

Researchers over the years have discovered that cancer cells secrete a protein and starchy coating that covers them and effectively "hides" them from the immune system to attack them.

Pancreatic enzymes are extremely important because they can dissolve this coating that covers cancer cells which otherwise enables them to go undetected by the immune system. We can be truly grateful for the work of scientists such as Dr. Beard and others who continued their work; they learned that when our bodies are deficient in certain pancreatic enzymes, the sleeping cells, once they are activated, become cancerous cells.

The pancreas is an organ in the upper gastrointestinal tract that produces several enzymes. It is commonly known as the organ that makes the enzyme insulin which helps to digest sugar. However, the pancreas also secretes at least four other enzymes critical to the digestion of animal protein, starches (or carbohydrates) and fats. The first two enzymes are trypsin and chymotrypsin which are necessary to digest animal protein. The third amylase which helps digest starches, and the fourth is lipase which breaks down fats.

Dr. Beard and his successors discovered that these four enzymes, in addition to helping digest our food, are also instrumental in suppressing cancerous cells because they dissolve the coating that otherwise hides cancer cells and prevents them from being targeted for destruction by the immune system.

In this program you’ll learn about:

  • What are enzymes and what they do

  • What are two main categories of enzymes

  • Why pancreas has a limited capability to produce enzymes to fight cancer

  • What is an early indicator of pancreatic failure

  • Why is dangerous eating a lot of animal products and overcooked foods if you have cancer or want to prevent cancer

  • Why is important to cook food below122 degrees Fahrenheit or eat raw food